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Revolution RPM: A Harmonious Combination of Human Elements and Healthcare Technology

Jenn Tompkins, CEO and Founder , Revolution RPMJenn Tompkins, CEO and Founder , Revolution RPM
In the forced pandemic lockdown, hospitals and medical organizations had to rethink their outpatient engagement strategies and find technology solutions to treat their patients remotely. While telemedicine and remote monitoring devices played a significant role in the new scheme of operations, an onerous scenario arose; the hurdles less tech-savvy patients faced while trying to digitally consult with their physicians.

Jenn Tompkins, a clinical care specialist who worked closely with multiple specialty physicians, understood these challenges, and founded Revolution RPM. Revolution RPM collaborates with remote monitoring device suppliers, software companies, and physicians to provide patients with easy-to-use digital monitors that automatically alert physicians of an issue and provide information crucial to care. “More than technology, we bring in a human element, and that factor is at the core of our business,” says Tompkins, CEO and Founder, at Revolution RPM. The company strives to deliver a human touch to every one of its patients’ healthcare journeys and employs stellar clinical care teams to achieve this endeavor.

Revolution RPM ensures that all individuals using its medtech partners’ devices have daily monitoring, 365-days per year, and alert systems in place that allow precise communication and treatment. The remote patient monitoring service provider’s clinical care team works with patients, going to their homes when needed, to explain how their devices work. They convert medical markers data into usable treatment insights. Well-positioned to handle and respond to patient conditions, Revolution RPM monitors vital patient data, both subjective and objective, and ensures that physicians have all the information needed to treat a patient in case of an emergency.

Working with technology providers, Revolution RPM seeks monitoring solutions exclusively designed for patients who do not want to be subjected to complicated digital devices. With that in mind, every device given to a patient is pre-4G enabled and does not require additional smart devices or internet access to connect with doctors. Instead, pertinent health information is viewed by Revolution RPM’s clinical care personnel, and they generate data and analytics that allow doctors to administer effective treatment to patients. A significant part of Revolution RPM’s success is its extensive network of doctors, using the state-of-the-art systems to provide better care, and medtech solution providers who offer the best technology platforms available on the market.
  • More than the technology, we bring in a human element, and that factor is at the core of our business

For RPM and CCM technology vendors in the network, the involvement of Revolution RPM’s clinical care personnel, as an outsourced solution, allows them to focus on building and improving technologies to provide a turnkey solution for patient and physician connectivity. The combination of Revolution RPM’s clinical expertise and the vendor’s technology, allows patients to receive exemplary care with improved compliance and personalized experiences.

The improved quality in patient care enables practitioners and clinics to substantially improve overall patient experience, decrease hospitalization and re-hospitalization rates, improve patient compliance with medication(s), decrease patient calls to the office, and improve patient compliance with regularly scheduled appointments. Acting as the voice for patients, Revolution RPM advocates that every individual is heard, supported, and cared for. As doctors receive patient data in advance, they can make more informed clinical decisions and offer highly personalized treatment. Equipped with an excellent clinical care team and a best-in-class network of physicians and technology partners, Revolution RPM ensures maximum interactivity in patient care and supports them in every way possible during their healthcare journey.

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Revolution RPM

Revolution RPM

Dallas, TX

Jenn Tompkins, CEO and Founder , Revolution RPM

Revolution RPM is a MedTech solutions and services provider with a singular mission to assist elderly people make full use of remote patient monitoring systems that allow for better overall physician care experiences