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Rhythmlink: Rethinking EEG Electrodes

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Leah Hanson, VP of Global Sales & Marketing, RhythmlinkLeah Hanson, VP of Global Sales & Marketing, Rhythmlink
Measuring and studying brainwaves using electroencephalography (EEG) has always been the clinical standard of care for diagnosing a patient’s neurological condition. Although EEG devices have gone through several iterations since its invention nearly a century ago, they are still unable to improve patient compliance due in part to their reusable metal-based EEG electrodes. According to a multicenter study, reusable EEG electrodes attached to a patient’s scalp are a source of microorganisms that can lead to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). An excerpt of the study notes, “Out of the 124 swabs from the electrodes that yielded favorable patient scans, around 25 percent were found to have positive bacterial cultures.”

So, the question arises—how does one bridge this healthcare complications gap and usher in a more sophisticated patient care process? Columbia, SC-based medical device manufacturing company Rhythmlink has the answer with its FDA-cleared, first-of-its-kind portfolio of disposable EEG electrodes. The disposable nature of Rhythmlink’s electrode makes it a nonpareil choice for eliminating instances of HAIs, thus upending a century-old, archaic EEG practice.

Rhythmlink entered the medical device market with its FDA-approved subdermal needles designed for the intraoperative monitoring surgical suite. In 2013, the company developed the first disposable EEG electrode, cleared by the FDA as MR conditional for 1.5T and 3T MR scans. Today, Rhythmlink’s slew of disposable EEG electrodes is setting a new benchmark in the medical devices segment by offering high-quality brainwave readings and increased patient comfort in a safe and cost-efficient manner.

“At the core of our product portfolio is our emphasis on better connecting patients to machines,” says Leah Hanson, VP of sales and marketing at Rhythmlink.

With an innovative and intuitive design, Rhythmlink’s EEG electrodes can be operated by a bedside clinician or an EEG technician to conduct scans. Additionally, Rhythmlink’s disposable silver chloride-based EEG electrodes provide excellent data quality between a patient’s skin and the conducting surface of the electrode and, more importantly, alleviate the chances of skin breakdown and irritation.

Highlighting Rhythmlink’s potency in improving patient care outcomes is a client success story where a hospital used Rhythmlink’s EEG devices for a pediatric patient. Initially, the patient—who was repeatedly admitted due to breakthrough seizures—was experiencing extreme skin discomfort because of the metal-based EEG electrodes. Together with that, because of the constant re-application of the electrodes, the patient was at an increased risk of sustaining HAIs and other complications. With Rhythmlink’s specially-designed FDA Cleared MR Conditional disposable EEG electrodes, clinicians could attach and leave EEG electrodes on the patient for longer periods during their stay at the hospital without any signs of irritations. As a result, the patient displayed improved skin health when compared to previous hospital admissions.

Besides improving intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) and skin health for critical care, Rhythmlink’s EEG electrodes are also a technological marvel when it comes to diagnostic tests for sleep disorders. The risk-free, disposable electrodes minimize the chances of cross-contamination among patients, thereby enhancing the accuracy of polysomnography tests. “At the same time, our EEG electrodes are a boon for sleep centers and sleep laboratories that can now effortlessly comply with the Joint Commission standards while conducting sleep studies,” informs Hanson.

Displaying such robustness, today, Rhythmlink has claimed the position of an “avant-garde” medical device manufacturing company. Their culture of innovation is also portrayed in Rhythmlink’s enthusiasm to work with OEM partners for designing customized products, offering private labeling, and executing regulatory tasks, among other functions. Striding ahead, the company is keen on partnering with many multi-disciplinary technology experts to add new dimensions to its EEG electrode portfolio. Hanson strongly believes that Rhythmlink’s leading edge, user-friendly, and disposable EEG electrodes are leading the way in advancing the overall medical devices industry and boosting value-based patient care.

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Columbia, SC

Leah Hanson, VP of Global Sales & Marketing , Rhythmlink

South Carolina-based Rhythmlink Designs, manufactures, and distributes customized, cost-effective medical devices that aid caregivers in better understanding neurological and sleep-related disorders to deliver holistic value to the patient care process. Rhythmlink’s portfolio comprises products that are specifically designed to enhance the operations in IOM, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and intensive care units. The company’s IOM product line consists of electrodes tailored to augment the workflow efficiency in IOM. Besides, the ER and ICU designs of the company’s electrodes does not require a registered EEG technologist to apply the product on a patient’s scalp and ensure the quick and reliable generation of high quality data. And with Rhythmlink’s diagnostic line is utilized by its clients for polysomnography