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Robin Healthcare: Meet Robin, the smart assistant that's removing barriers for doctors

Dr. Kathleen Myers, Chief Medical Officer, Robin HealthcareDr. Kathleen Myers, Chief Medical Officer, Robin Healthcare
Healthcare has changed in the last thirty years. Reimbursements are down, volumes are up, and panels are more complex than ever. It’s easy to look at the mountain of documentation required for every single encounter and forget why physicians went into medicine in the first place. Administrative, legal, and regulatory burdens have turned caregiving into a medical factory.

The increasing reimbursement barriers introduced by third-party payers over those years—with prior authorizations leading the list—are yet another cumbersome element that robs doctors of their time, autonomy, and often the compassion you want to provide to everyone around you.

The growing reimbursement rulebook continues to put pressure on independent practices. Physicians and medical professionals opening a private practice do not have the luxury of concentrating solely on the clinical side of care, but must also create a balance between caring for patients and running a business.

These barriers have not improved patient outcomes or increased access. They have not reduced costs or increased reimbursements. That’s why Robin was created, to be the doctor’s sidekick that removes administrative barriers so they can practice medicine again.

“Today’s independent practice environment has physicians wearing many hats. You’re the CFO, CEO and Human Resources Director, and this isn’t what you trained for in medical school. You really have to navigate the financial system of independent practice and that can require physicians to take on the burden of financing, cash control, revenue cycle management and human resources,” says Dr. Kathleen Myers, Chief Medical Officer of Robin Healthcare.

Robin believes the key to restoring a physician’s autonomy is to look beyond solutions that add to overhead costs and instead implement practice partnerships with revenue positive technology that let’s physicians provide the patient care they actually want to provide while still checking all the boxes for reimbursement. The right blend of technology and expert partnership can help provide insight to where practice finances can be optimized and overhead can be reduced.

This is the future. Imagine not having to worry about the billing and the other admin stuff. It really allows me to focus on patients, and Robin takes care of it all! It has made being a doctor fun again. For the first time in my career, I can just practice medicine

Robin is a partner to physicians that want to get back to focusing on care. Robin removes administrative tasks by capturing the primary data in the room from the Robin Assistant device. From there they produce highly accurate, fully justified codes with documentation that is posted to the EMR for physician review and signing within 24 hours. This allows practices to reduce note turnaround times, charge lags and decrease manual coding and chart review and back-and-forth with physicians, freeing them to focus on care. RCM teams can achieve faster billing and fewer denials without burdening physicians or staff.

With the help of NLP and human-in-the-loop review processes, the Robin Assistant allows a physician to give patients their best care in an exam room without worrying about the reimbursement rulebook or relying on medical memory for after-visit charting.

The software does the administrative work so you are free to focus on the patient. The Robin Assistant will extract the patient’s history, current exam findings, and medical decision making based on the doctor’s conversation in the room and third-party data sources, then process the primary data for human quality assurance and coding accuracy before documenting and posting to the EMR.

The Robin Assistant uses 256-bit military-grade encryption to protect the data at rest and in transit to ensure patient data security. The audio and video recording stay encrypted on the server for the doctor’s perusal for 30 days, after which it is permanently deleted.

Robin believes that capturing the primary data from the doctor-patient visit in the exam room drives everything downstream. Unlike virtual scribe solutions that merely supply notes, Robin includes both fully justified codes and documentation designed to the specification of the physician, the practice and the payer. Using payer specific algorithms to select accurate E/M codes based on primary data as well as ICD-10, CPT and HCPCs code selection and entry directly into the EMR for review and signing.

Founded in 2017, Robin Healthcare has supported over one million patient visits for doctors across the country using the Robin Assistant. Robin offers independent practices an innovative approach to primary data capture through its proprietary device, natural language processing, and a HIPAA-compliant U.S.-based workforce.

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Robin Healthcare

Robin Healthcare

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Dr. Kathleen Myers, Chief Medical Officer , Robin Healthcare

Robin Healthcare uses its AI software Robin Assistant to document a patient's status and conversations with the doctor in an exam room so that the healthcare expert can directly focus on treating their patients. With the help of Automatic Speech Recognition and Computer Vision technologies, Robin Assistant allows a physician to directly see and treat patients in an exam room without worrying about the associated paperwork. The software, instead, will extract the patient’s history based on the doctor’s conversation with them. The company staff can then processes the documentation obtained from the assistant for quality assurance and coding accuracy before developing and posting the patient’s EMR to the physician. Robin Assistant uses 256-bit military-grade encryption to protect the data at rest and in transit to ensure patient data security. The patient data stays in the server for the doctor's perusal for 30 days, after which it is deleted