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Royal Solutions: Making Healthcare Patient Centric

 Peter Nassif, CEO, Royal Solutions
Healthcare solution providers have largely focused on solving the needs of healthcare institutions and insurers, seldom offering solutions that maximize patient engagement. Over a decade ago, Royal Solutions had the foresight to know, the key is having the patient at the center of their care, ensuring a smooth flow of data to, and from, their providers— ‘One Encounter’. This sounds simple, but takes great ingenuity to make a reality. A single patient encounter requires information to traverse across numerous information systems, at various care providers—the primary physician, the specialist, and the radiology center or hospital. Within each of these facilities, the information must cross between the administrative, clinical and billing systems, with many of the workflows being paper-based. This is where Royal’s technology shines. Not only are Royal’s solutions fully interoperable, their mission is to allow for 100 percentage electronic data entry from patient pre-registration, to check-in, through the exam life cycle, all the way to result delivery, enabling patient engagement within every aspect of the healthcare lifecycle.

Developed with the sole purpose of making healthcare patient-centric, Royal Solutions’ information management platform enables patients to have complete access and control over information—why a specific medical exam was conducted, the results of an exam, the payment offered, insurers processing the claims —all on a single system. “Our platform provides ‘One Encounter,’ enabling patients to access and manage their information, as it traverses the healthcare system,” states Peter Nassif, CEO, Royal Solutions.

The platform makes complete patient engagement possible through a suite of customizable products, namely, Royal Kiosks, a revolutionary patient interface facilitating exam specific onsite check-in; the Royal Patient Portal, allowing for pre-registration, education, secure messaging, and results delivery; Royal Pay, powering eligibility, estimation and payments.

Our platform provides ‘One Encounter,' enabling patients to access and manage their information as it traverses the healthcare system

What makes these product offerings so powerful are their qualities for seamless integration, ease of use, and strong security. Royal Solutions’ product suite is developed for true integration enabling information to be transferred, as well as, extracted from the environment. Also, the solutions are highly agnostic, making it interoperable on any type of operating system be it iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux or Android, thus, enabling information exchange with ease.

The products are equipped with Royal’s ‘Dual-Layer Encryption’ which ensures that even if there is an extreme case of a system penetration, the attack will not be able to decipher the stolen information. “Also, it is the only one of its kind, within healthcare technology, that empowers patients to demand their health records or profiles to be locked in cases of impending threats,” remarks Nassif. Through this model, Royal provides information security that surpasses the standards defined by HIPAA and PCI compliance.

The incredible success of this transformative approach to technology and services can be in large part, attributed to its leadership team combining a collective experience of over seventy years in technology, healthcare, financial services and management consulting. It is their diligent engagement in solving client challenges that has helped Royal consistently, engineer industry leading practices, and innovations, to maximize patient engagement.