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RxVantage: Seamlessly Connecting Providers with Life Science Reps and Resources

Karen Mattocks, Vice President, Business Development, RxVantageKaren Mattocks, Vice President, Business Development, RxVantage
The blistering pace of innovation in healthcare technology makes it difficult for physicians to stay abreast of the latest treatment options and standards of care while simultaneously helping a large patient population. Life science representatives possess critical information about new medical breakthroughs, but this information often fails to reach HCPs because coordinating educational visits between reps and HCPs is difficult and time-consuming for most medical practices. Fortunately, new, customizable cloud-based applications that automate this process for practices, while keeping them in complete control, have arrived.

Recognizing that the inefficiency in the current process was interrupting the critical knowledge transfer between the companies that develop life-saving technologies and the doctors that deliver them to patients, RxVantage was founded on the premise that the exchange of knowledge between life science reps and healthcare providers is essential for patient care. Based in Los Angeles, RxVantage’s innovative, cloud‐based application offers a suite of services built around a core rep scheduling and communication platform. From clinical staff, to patients, to physicians, reps provide essential information on new products and services, but organizing and synchronizing their visits is time-consuming, and causes numerous and constant distractions. With RxVantage, these meetings can be automated, while allowing complete control over these schedules, and in turn ensuring absolute focus on patient care. “By removing the administrative burden of scheduling meetings with life science reps, we’re helping physicians return their focus to learning about the latest medical technology breakthroughs that matter most for their specific patient population,” asserts Karen Mattocks, Vice President, Business Development at RxVantage.

The application is available at no charge to all medical practices and life science reps, and has no contract commitment. It can be up and running in 15 minutes without the need to install software. Once registered, medical practices can connect to their local reps or medical science liaisons through an up-to-date online rep directory, complete with rep profiles, the products they represent and contact details. The core of the app is the rules-based online rep visitation calendar.

Practices can define who, what, where, and how often reps can visit, then invite reps to book appointments through the online calendar. Once it is live, RxVantage automatically enforces the practice rules, thus digitizing the entire process and eliminating the need to maintain paper calendars. Many large practices save over 20 hours of staff time per week using RxVantage.

By removing the administrative burden of scheduling meetings with life science reps, we’re helping physicians return their focus to learning about the latest medical technology breakthroughs

From a doctor who wants to discuss a product, a billing manager who needs help on reimbursements or a patient who requires samples, RxVantage connects them to the right rep with the right information via in-app messaging or direct phone calls. The platform simplifies requesting reps on-demand, automates rep scheduling and provides access to every current patient assistance program through RxAssist. RxVantage is “the path to improved provider interactions.”

To illustrate this improved interaction between industry reps and physicians, Mattocks cites a case study wherein a client—a community-based cardiology clinic, relied on life science representatives to provide education on the latest products, supply samples, and introduce new patient assistance programs. In spite of the value the reps delivered, it was difficult for the practice to schedule rep meetings without disrupting office workflow. The whole process was time-consuming and exhausting. This was when RxVantage was called in to help, and today, the clinic sees more relevant reps and convenient times and has been able to increase productivity allowing the staff to focus on clinical care. Administrative tasks that once took hours, now only take a few minutes.

RxVantage is now looking to further enhance how providers and life science reps connect. First, recognizing that not all education can take place in the office, the company is adding support for offsite events and speakers programs to the app, including RSVP management. Second, the company recently successfully released a new, scaled down product for providers, featuring a mobile-friendly design and curated offsite speaker programs. This will be followed closely with a late 2018 release of a new mobile-friendly design for practices, featuring enhanced messaging and analytics. All of this is adding up to a more convenient and customizable way for practices to connect with highly educated industry reps, without spending more time.

“This is a single place to contact a rep, automate rep scheduling, and find patient assistance programs. It is a much smarter system where the right person is available at the right time,” concludes Mattocks.