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samedi: Patient Coordination and Medical Collaboration Simplified

Prof. Dr. Alexander Alscher, Co-Founder & CEO, samediProf. Dr. Alexander Alscher, Co-Founder & CEO, samedi
Asklepios, Europe’s largest private health cluster in Hamburg, Vivantes, the largest German municipal hospital chain and the German Radiology Society with 300 radiological member clinics have one thing in common: they all use the E-Health software samedi. Thus, samedi is managing to connect every third patient in Berlin and Hamburg and is present in almost every university hospital in Germany. Customers of the SaaS solution samedi allow their patients secure online access to treatments that is available at any time. At the same time, the respective institution benefits from about 23 percent time savings in administrative appointment planning and 70 percent fewer no-show-rate thanks to automatic appointment notifications via e-mail and short message.

With the ambition to solve communication problems across the individual healthcare provider’s walls, Prof Dr. Alexander Alscher and Katrin Keller founded samedi GmbH in Germany, in 2008. From the simplification of appointment booking and patient service, today the company offers a comprehensive software platform that enhances its availability to all treatment-relevant locations just within a fewclicks. The resulting optimized management of healthcare workflows and resources increases the quality and efficiency as well as strengthens the engagement between healthcare professionals and patients making way for a more effective, secure, service-oriented, and patient-centred healthcare landscape.

Collaborative effort for two years with medical and IT professionals led to the design of the samedi software as a smart grid for all stakeholders in the healthcare system. The software connects patients, medical providers, hospitals, surgery centers, and insurers, catalysing a streamlined, economical, and time-saving doctor-patient relationship, reducing administrative effort, and optimizing patient care. Patients are able to rapidly organize their doctor’s appointments at any time and from anywhere. “samedi facilitates all steps from finding doctors, booking appointments, communicating with doctors, and allowing patients to view their personal health data and treatment procedures,” explains Prof. Dr. Alscher.

At the healthcare provider’s end, all booked appointments are intelligently coordinated according to workflow and resource requirements of doctor, nurses, rooms, beds, and devices. Appointment reminders, confirmations, follow-ups, delay notifications, and additional information are individually mailed to patients preparing them for their appointment. Thanks to various interfaces to practice and clinical information systems, doctors can book a referral appointment just within a few clicks using the samedi network and the software also provides smooth surgery management including outpatient medical care.

samedi facilitates all steps from finding doctors, booking appointments, communicating with doctors, and allowing patients to view their personal health data and treatment procedures

In addition, health insurance companies enjoy the possibility of direct invoicing and faster online communication with samedi.

The samedi software offers services such as resource planning, medical collaboration, managed care, and patient service. The software undertakes treatment planning inclusive of resource planning and workflow management. All participating care providers, rooms, and devices are reserved in the right order, right priority, and right temporal sequence for the time of their use and idle time is reduced augmenting the effective utilization of available resources. The Medical Collaboration resp. Managed Care function comprises appointment referral, treatment coordination across institutions and locations, documentation sharing, and direct contact with outpatient physicians. samedi’s Patient Service involves automatic reminders and sharing of information including anamnesis files (with patient’s medical history), booking of appointments, and more.

Propelling samedi ahead of competition in the industry, are their three unique selling propositions (USPs) of data security (encryption), manifold interfaces, and sophisticated process knowledge gained over 11 years of resource planning fieldwork. Such experience drives samedi’s strong process focus, and its customizable platform attends to all medical stakeholders, while providing comprehensive quality management of their interaction. Furthermore, samedi helps to monitor and control resource utilization to tackle bottlenecks or backlogs of resources that interrupt patient engagement. For Europe’s largest private healthcluster in Hamburg, called Asklepios, samedi provides benefits comprising convenient online appointment booking in multiple languages, access to the appointment calendar of Asklepios’ clinics, and the simplification of booking and cancellation of appointments, the swift informed referral, and the interdisciplinary tumor board meetings—all online securely connected.

Currently working with over 6,000 institutions comprising more than 20,000 medical professionals and more than 13 million patients, samedi’s work over the years has earned them around twenty awards. In 2008, Europe’s largest internet conference “LeWeb” named samedi one of the world’s “hottest” 30 internet startups. In 2012 samedi was awarded as a best practice project by the German government for its innovative e-health solutions for “smart grids”. Last year samedi also won the M&K AWARD 2018 “Management & Hospital.”

“Only internet access and a web browser are required to use samedi,” informs Prof. Dr. Alscher. The software offers constant updates (sometimes several per week without interfering customers usage), data backup, connection to external services (hospital and practice software), and more. As a new feature, samedi launched a video communication tool with screen sharing between patients and doctors.