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Sandlot Solutions: SaaS based HIE Tools for Creating Master Patient Index

Healthcare centers, physicians, and testing labs generate and manage patient records in their own formats. There isn’t a uniform channel for sharing medical records, which can add more value to the healthcare experience of a patient. Irving, TX based Sandlot Solutions provides Health Information Exchange (HIE) tools and services for streamlining and sharing Electronic Health Records (EHR) across the healthcare industry.

The company’s flagship product Sandlot Connect is a SaaS based HIE tool that creates Master Patient Index (MPI). MPI collects patient information from sources like providers, physicians, and labs into a single record, ensuring accurate matching of patients and records. “The single patient record enables a healthcare provider to lower patient misidentification and false medication,” says Joseph Casper, CEO, Sandlot.

The patient records are securely stored in the Sandlot Dimension, facilitating a common space for record sharing. The data warehouse receives information from various sources in different formats, and sorts clinical information based on its type. The firm also provides healthcare analytics solutions through its patent pending software, Sandlot Metrix. The Sandlot Metrix tracks data generated within the physician’s workflow for a retrospective view, while providing clinical decision notifications.

At Sandlot Solutions, the focus is on integrating physician’s workflows with products and functionalities to address gaps at the point of care— providing a multi-dimensional approach for enhancing healthcare experience.