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Santovia: Cutting-Edge Patient Engagement Platform

Fiona Calnan, CEO, SantoviaFiona Calnan, CEO, Santovia
Technology transforms patient engagement, taking it beyond the confines of the clinic. Patients now expect to receive all the relevant information on their devices. Leading this revolution is the Massachusetts-based firm, Santovia.

“Often patients indulge in extensive research of chronic illnesses over the internet which can be quite daunting. Now, they have an easier, personalized and more reliable option. We deliver relevant information based on the results of the diagnosis conducted by the physician, often as user-friendly videos, direct to their smartphones,” says Fiona Calnan, CEO of Santovia.

Fiona joined Santovia as CEO after developing cutting-edge technology solutions to help patients recover in England where she had successfully run and then sold the country’s leading private orthopedic hospital group.

On joining Santovia, she immediately recognized the shortcomings in patient engagement and spiraling treatment costs across US healthcare. These concerns had prompted Dr. Ibrahim Eid to create the company with a mission to engage patients more effectively and give doctors the ability to measure and improve their patient satisfaction rates.

The technology created by Santovia has revolutionized the presentation of information to patients, creating a user-friendly, consumer-focused approach, which fills the existing void and addresses the concerns of both patients and medics alike.

Fiona believes that harnessing the power of video alongside written material better educates patients about their ailments and options available to them. For example, Santovia users who have osteoarthritis gain access to a carousel of content educating them about causes, symptoms, and the full range of available treatments. By understanding what is involved in each treatment, patients become empowered to choose the most suitable treatment option in partnership with their physician. Lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and surgical interventions all receive in-depth coverage.

Santovia has addressed the concerns of both patients and medics alike with its unique, intuitive, multilingual patient engagement application

Further, Santovia’s extensive physical therapy library helps prepare patients before surgery and then speeds recovery afterward. Outcome data can also be tracked and inputted straight into each patient’s medical record. Taken together, this forms a complete patient engagement package that transforms the doctor-patient relationship and ensures that each patient receives the treatment that’s best for them.

The multilingual platform, which switches to Spanish at the touch of a button and has further content available in 14 other languages, presents patients and medics with a string of benefits compared to other alternatives. The unique application enables medical staff to develop customized surveys that both assess patients’ clinical progress and patient experience ratings—anytime, anywhere.

As well as providing solutions for patients, Santovia also provides a telehealth capability supporting a suite of solutions for employers. This speeds the rehabilitation process and ensures that employees have the support they need to return to work.

Fiona recalls the experience of working with Urgent Care Clinic of Lincoln. This reputed healthcare institution, situated in Nebraska has garnered the trust of over 24,000 patients over the past decade. Dr. Donald Rice, M.D, Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP), stated that when the clinic switched from their old vendor to Santovia, the staff noticed immediate improvements. “We had searched for a new provider for many years, so it was nice to see a proactive company like Santovia step up and address all of our concerns.” Feedback from both staff and patients has been very positive reaffirming they made the correct choice in partnering with Santovia. According to Dr. Rice, “The user interface window was incredibly well designed. The Santovia portal seamlessly ties into the Urgent Care Clinic’s medical record system making it easy to remain paperless. It pulls the proper handout and documents the delivery to the patient. “We had used other third-party educational providers, and by far, Santovia is far superior. They clearly ‘get us’ and our needs.”

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