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SCIO Health Analytics: Data Integration Was Never This Easy

Siva Namasivayam, CEO, SCIO Health AnalyticsSiva Namasivayam, CEO, SCIO Health Analytics
Scientists have a term for an object which is stimulated by an outside agent. They call it ‘potential energy’. SCIO Health Analytics has applied the same concept with data. They have unleashed the power of data by providing insights to improve ‘clinical outcomes, operational performance, and business results’. The healthcare industry has undergone a sea change and things have become very complex compelling them to look for integration of the various sources of data that is available to help address business issues. The data integration challenges include extracting relevant and quality information from clinical systems, financial systems, and Electronic Medical Records. The health care industry expect investment in EMR solutions to help with these–but to the contrary, they are being forced to spend additional dollars and time to get the data integrated for business and clinical purposes. “We understand the payer market very well. Our expertise in helping payers manage population and claims risk is what the providers are looking for,” informs Siva Namasivayam, CEO of SCIO Health Analytics.

Founded in 2007, headquartered in West Hartford Connecticut, the company’s on shore, and off shore analytical support is tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients. And its SCIO Vantage has been designed to offer this cutting edge solution. The SCIO Vantage is a technological platform consisting of various applications. The Data Integration application can integrate complex data and stack them in a uniform structure. The SCIO Vantage has been supporting various health care profiles by consolidating and integrating patient centric electronic health records through their Patient Profile application; while the Consumer Engagement application enables its clients to search for individuals for care management programs through various characteristics and conditions filter. This application is also very cost effective for its clients. Another important application which comes as a shot in the arm for its clients is the Opportunity Analysis. Via this application, a health care provider gets a better understanding of the environment.

The provider can ensure proper program pricing, estimate staffing levels and can report employer or plan specific cost or benefit.

Honeywell, a global leader in providing technology who also serves the health care space, has been able to greatly leverage the applications served by SCIO Health Analytics. Honeywell had collaborated with Consumer Medical (CM), a technology provider of health care, to address high cost, highly variable diagnoses, such as cancer, complex diseases, and other serious medical conditions, where many patients had not received evidence based care. To increase further participation from patients and also to improve cost savings and drive better outcomes, Honeywell approached SCIO Health Analytics to perform identification and stratification (ID/Strata) of eligible members, who were then approached by CM staff. This initiative increased participation by identifying patients most likely to be at risk of undergoing a targeted surgery. Honeywell moved to a penalty for eligible members who undergo these surgeries without completing coaching and education with CM. The penalty, combined with the ID/ Strat process, has significantly improved participation, thereby improving care and reducing long-term costs. This collaboration wasn’t an isolated incident.

We understand the payer market very well. Our expertise in helping payers manage population and claims risk is what the providers are looking for

Going forward, the collaboration is aiming for maximizing program impact and results in future by improving contact information and refining the predictive models. The company has plans of developing and launching an application called SCIOThink, using the IBM Watson platform after they reached an agreement with the latter. In addition to that, SCIO Health Analytics is partnering with a few companies on the data integration layer so that their solutions can reside on top of the client’s infrastructure and they don’t have to spend additional dollars.