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ScribeAmerica: Delivering Full Turn Key Medical Scribe Programs

 Michael Murphy, M.D. CEO, ScribeAmerica
When ScribeAmerica was first established in 2003, scribes or trained medical information managers who specialize in charting physicianpatient encounters in real-time, were only being utilized as a small homegrown solution. "Today, we have transformed this cottage operation into a national industry," begins Michael Murphy, MD, ScribeAmerica. The company provides respite to unassisted physicians, by offering an unmatched level of EHR customization, optimization, workflow analysis, dynamic scribe education and go-live preparation. “Physicians are spending far too much time entering data into a computer, deviating from the core motive of their profession, rather than spending one-onone time with patients," opines Murphy. Countering this, the company has over 7000 scribes deployed, which allows ScribeAmerica’s partners to spend more time interacting with patients, while their documentation is completed in real-time by medical scribes.

This widespread reach allows ScribeAmerica to introduce new technology that their clients demand. The company follows a breadth and depth approach and offers a full Enterprise Solution. “We have custom-built scribe programs to accommodate the specific needs of clients, whether they need to staff an individual practice location or a publicly traded for profit hospital systems,” informs Murphy. In addition to the variety of scribe services, the company has introduced groundbreaking services that dramatically change patient care.

ScribeAmerica’s latest service, LiveCode Point of Service Coding is a revolutionary real-time coding solution that greatly reduces encounter processing time and improves feedback quality, leading to reductions in Day Sales Outstanding (DSO), deficient document at i on, chart suspensions and other missed opportunities .

Furthermore, ScribeAmerica’s services help physicians reduce burn-out, increase reimbursements, leave on time, avoid cash disruption with ICD-10, and improve overall job satisfaction.

For a seamless transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 without any impact to the revenue flow, all ScribeAmerica's scribes are trained on ICD-10. “Although most systems can support the collection of ICD-10 codes, they lack in sufficient code searching functions or description of codes. Lack of ICD-10 preparation will further burden the physician with even more time spent at their computer disrupting cash flow,” states Murphy. On top of this, ScribeAmerica has partnered with Aviacode to offer the ICD-Advisor tool which delivers customized reports based on the individual provider’s most frequently used ICD-9- CM codes. “These customized reports are completed in as little as five hours, providing quick and affordable access to the key ICD-10 information providers’ need,” says Murphy.

The company’s scribes have also made significant improvements across a variety of unique situations. A 55,000 volume Emergency Department (ED) experienced several benefits post the implementation of the ScribeAmerica scribe program. They witnessed a decrease in down codes of 20 percent, an increase in patient satisfaction scores of 5 percent, an increase in physician productivity of 17 percent and a decrease in overtime hours for providers of 5 percent.

From a small homegrown solution ScribeAmerica has transformed a cottage operation into a national industry

In the near future, the company will continue to offer an unmatched level of training and additional resources that ensure that their scribes are fully equipped to handle all needs of the clients. “I personally believe that what we are doing is more than a job; and will continue to revolutionize the delivery of care,” ends Murphy.