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Mike Coughlin, Founder, President & CEO, ScriptproMike Coughlin, Founder, President & CEO, Scriptpro
With the amazing developments in medication therapy, people with challenging diseases can now live quality, productive lives. The emphasis is on outpatient/ambulatory/retail pharmacy services,” states Mike Coughlin, founder and CEO of ScriptPro. Coughlin and his dedicated team have been using cutting-edge technologies for over two decades to help pharmacies operate safely and efficiently, as well as profitably.

Coughlin started ScriptPro in 1994 with the goal of developing a robotic dispensing system to help pharmacies fill prescriptions. Studies showed alarming error rates occurring throughout healthcare, and pharmacy was no exception. Coughlin’s background was physics, business, and finance—a far cry from pharmacy. A native of Topeka, Kansas, he studied at St. Louis University and Ohio State before joining the management team at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto. He then went into consulting, but when the challenges of pharmacy caught his attention, he recognized that automation could transform the industry. It was then that ScriptPro was born.

ScriptPro robots have revolutionized how busy pharmacies get their work done. They are used widely in DoD, Veterans Administration, and in thousands of retail and hospital pharmacies worldwide. Even NIH, the National Institutes of Health, uses ScriptPro to run its pharmacy.

When the robots were proven as a major step forward, Coughlin focused ScriptPro on re-engineering the entire end-to-end pharmacy process. “Our partnership with hospitals is expanding because we help them offer pharmacies that patients find attractive and easy to access. Getting medications to patients, and having them used correctly, avoids unnecessary readmissions and related financial penalties,” notes Coughlin.

We understand the business of pharmacy. We have the expertise, systems, and innovative strategies our customers need to financially thrive

“In addition to excellent patient health outcomes, our hospital customers have seen their retail pharmacy programs become the financial engine of the entire health system, which it should be.”

Drawing from his financial background, Coughlin’s ScriptPro team helps customers navigate the arcane world of drug pricing and insurance reimbursements. His financial models are used by health systems, large and small, to map the way forward in an environment that is perplexing to their pharmacists and financial executives alike. As Coughlin says, “If it does not work financially, it does not work.” ScriptPro’s double-barreled approach of a well-designed operating system, plus a model for financial success, is just what the industry needs.

ScriptPro also cuts through complexities experienced by pharmacists dealing with patient, prescription, and drug data flowing through electronic health record (EHR) systems. ScriptPro’s pharmacy solutions integrate with EHRs to streamline and simplify intricate practices with industry-leading, embedded real-time 340B processing and clinical case management protocols.

ScriptPro empowers clients to address payment aberrations such as DIR/GER/BER with tools that track, document, and spotlight third-party contract payment discrepancies. They even provide contract negotiation and banking facilities to manage the complete revenue process. “Health systems are adept at hospital billing, but pharmacy revenue is totally different and many of our customers don’t have the expertise to manage this. They simply hope they are being paid fairly,” says Coughlin.

“ScriptPro has the expertise, systems, and innovative strategies our customers need to thrive financially,” states Coughlin. “We deliver on our promise to promote safety, accuracy, and medication adherence, along with financial support to gain access to payer contracts and enforce proper reimbursement. In short, we understand the business of pharmacy.”

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Mike Coughlin, Founder, President & CEO , Scriptpro

ScriptPro powers successful retail and ambulatory pharmacy operations through innovative, end-to-end pharmacy software, automation, and financial solutions that include robotics, operating systems, and strategic consulting services