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Scrypt: Secure Management of Healthcare Documents

Aleks Szymanski, CEO, ScryptAleks Szymanski, CEO, Scrypt
Scrypt was founded on the basis of an unwavering focus on the management and delivery of documents to healthcare organizations. Headquartered in Austin, TX, the company has played a major role in addressing the transformational challenges involving a shift from paper-based to electronic record keeping after the passing of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Complying with HIPAA which involved maintaining patient records electronically and maintaining their confidentiality from breaching was not easy for healthcare providers. “We understand the challenges healthcare providers face when it comes to managing and exchanging Protected Health Information (PHI),” says Aleks Szymanski, CEO, Scrypt, Inc.

Scrypt offers host of solutions to secure and exchange healthcare information. Stak, the healthcare document platform allows exchanging of documents in a cloud-based environment, can be adopted by practitioners of all types—lone physicians to hospital groups, merely by creating an account for free. Apart from complying with the stringent HIPAA guidelines, the heavily encrypted Stak simplifies the process of managing PHI. Docbook MD, is a HIPAA-secure messaging platform available on iOS, Android and web platforms. It allows physicians to collaborate with each other using their own devices to examine the particular case of patients and share relevant data such as X-ray images, Electrocardiogram (ECG) images and drug prescriptions in a secure manner. Sfax is a faxing application designed exclusively for the rigors of healthcare. With a robust protection mechanism, Sfax allows physicians to send, receive, manage and digitally sign faxes without printing physical documents. Recently, Scrypt has integrated Sfax with ShareFile, the leading secure enterprise file sharing system of Citrix, to improve healthcare communication.

Scrypt’s customers acknowledge the benefits offered by the company’s products. AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, a technology-enabled provider of medical billing and informatics, required an electronic faxing solution as opposed to logging in to a dedicated email portal for downloading client reports. Scrypt was brought on board and the company helped AdvantEdge in using Sfax, which supported a high page volume without the need for additional staff to support and maintain a physical fax machine. “I recommend Sfax to anyone who needs a stable, secure, unattended fax service. At such a low cost per page, the decision to use Sfax was easy,” mentions Daniel Girard, Senior Software Developer, AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions.

We understand the challenges healthcare providers face when it comes to managing and exchanging protected health information (PHI)

Although Sfax successfully helped a client in saving the cost per page, Scrypt remains dedicated to the completely elimination of paper and manual processes from the healthcare workflow. While this reduces the carbon foot-print in healthcare, the company views it as an important step in preventing the sensitive healthcare data from fall¬ing into the wrong hands. “In an industry as closely regulated as healthcare, where the margin for error is minimal, it is essential that organizations instill a culture of security,” remarks Szymanski. The commitment towards building a secure environment for healthcare data has prompted Scrypt to be sensitive to the advice of practitioners that have raised concerns about the usage of mobile platforms sans advanced security features, for sharing PHI. In this connection, Scrypt has released Stak and Sfax applications on iOS platform, to ensure greater confidentiality. Android versions of the same are also due for launch shortly.

Going ahead, the company intends to innovate more and improve the solutions offered to its customers. However, its core objectives of secure and paperless document transfer remains intact. With a number of promising ventures on its plate, Scrypt looks at a bright future.