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Secure Exchange Solutions: Secure Network for Sharing EHR Healthcare Information made Secure

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a delicate procedure which involves high-speed diffusion of critical information between healthcare professionals and patients. “The efforts of the health information service providers (HISPs) in rendering the information digitally, may not achieve the required benefits, if administered in an insecure manner,” says Dan Kazzaz, CEO, Secure Exchange Solutions.

Bridging this gap is the Rockville, MD-based HISP, Secure Exchange Solutions, which offers high levels of security with end-to-end message encryption, easy integration options, and robust directory services. SES’s solutions enable communications between physicians, hospitals, labs, plans, HIEs, and patients, optimizing workflows and improving care management. The company’s solution, Direct Product helps integrate the customer’s electronic health record, clinical data repository (CDR) or any other healthcare IT application using Secure Exchange’s superior set of web services.

“The company’s solution, Direct Product securely disseminates patient reports-laboratory scans, test results, and referrals to another healthcare professional,” adds Kazzaz. Besides, the external data representation (XDR) protocol in the Direct Product joins thousands of hospitals to enhance clinical communication. The solution offers secure messaging outside of healthcare IT applications in any web browser or mobile device. Secure Exchange Solutions has also initiated a consumer anchor, a novel concept that can implement telemedicine, giving accurate picture of the patients’ health.

The near future will witness Secure Exchange Solutions forging ahead improvising on the security standards that will produce enhanced results in quality care.