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SecurityMetrics: Integrated Risk Analysis To Meet Healthcare Compliance

Brad Caldwell,  Founder & CEO , SecurityMetricsBrad Caldwell, Founder & CEO , SecurityMetrics
Organizations in the healthcare industry are incrementally moving their data from on premise storage to the cloud, stimulating the need for continuous and proficient patients’ data security and adherence to follow compliance. Since these organizations handle protected health information they need to be HIPAA compliant failing to which will lead them to incure potential civil and criminal penalties as a result of HIPAA violations. The HIPAA rules apply to both Covered Entities and their Business Associates. While healthcare companies are incorporating new tools in their services, like electronic medical records, e-prescription and e-transcriptions, compliance management solutions help them to streamline the administration and reduce overhead costs.

Established in 2000, Orem, UT based SecurityMetrics provides data security tools and compliance management to the healthcare sector. SecurityMetrics guides firms through HIPAA security compliance help them implement HIPAA correctly. The firm provides detailed work and world-class support. “By deploying innovative security tools, customer support, and skilled proficiency, our company enables organizations to act upon the government’s financial and healthcare directives,” says Brad Caldwell, Founder and CEO, SecurityMetrics. The compliance solutions of the company which include HIPAA Assessment, HIPAA Onsite Audit and BA Compliance monitoring help healthcare providers to bar data security and privacy hindrance. Focusing both on data privacy and security, the audit service brings to light the probable security hazards of a management process. It helps organizations to form a plan for risk management that includes the customization of privacy rules, security rules and breach notification policies.

SecurityMetrics’ HIPAA Compliance Audit solution analyzes malware hazards, identifies system vulnerabilities of the client and prepares them to put HIPAA into action. “By analyzing a company’s workflows and data paths, we help to establish an efficient environment to improve patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) security and remove costly, unnecessary steps from the process,” states Caldwell.

Most HIPAA audit services focus too much on privacy and neglect essential data security, SecurityMetrics’ auditors are trained in the art of compliance and data security to assist in accurate HIPAA compliance, expedite vulnerability re¬mediation, and secure the patient data entrusted to that entity. Supervised by the U.S. Department of Health and Hu¬man Services (HHS), SecurityMetrics’ compliance support helps healthcare companies to implement the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and simplify a hospital management’s compliance efforts. The guidance offered with regards to compliance by SecurityMetrics, protects all the significant resources of the organization that includes patients’ data.

Through a wide-ranging Onsite Risk Analysis and Risk Management Plan for a particular healthcare unit, SecurityMetrics releases a HIPAA Compliance report. The report has both the security and compliance status of the healthcare organization and provides assurance to its management about the HIPAA mandate. SecurityMetrics also provides staff training, communication creation and assistance, to protect a healthcare organization.

By deploying innovative security tools, customer support, and skilled proficiency, our company enables organizations under healthcare industry to act upon the government’s financial and healthcare directives

HIPAA and security compliance is definitely the most confusing bit for a company, but SecurityMetrics takes the time to break it down and make it easier for firms to put a plan in place. Since its founding, SecurityMetrics has grown from a small security company specializing in vulnerability assessment scans to a global leader of data security and compliance solutions with over 300 employees. Moving forward, SecurityMetrics aims to provide its services for small and large organizations around the world. The company will continue to focus on enabling organizations comply with financial, government, and healthcare mandates through innovative tools, customer support, and qualified expertise.