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ShiftWise: Contingent Workforce Compliance Made Simple

Steven Rodriguez, President, ShiftWiseSteven Rodriguez, President, ShiftWise
For healthcare providers, their contingent workforce is crucial to meet staffing demands and improving their healthcare outcomes. But, sourcing contingent workforce is an uphill task as healthcare institutions have to verify credentials of candidates, match the candidate profile with job requirements, and ensure talent is on-boarded while adhering to regulations. Here comes ShiftWise that leverages deep know-how of healthcare workflows and simplifies the maze of compliance with its vendor management solution (VMS). The software refines the process of hiring contingent and permanent labor. “We are experienced in making hospitals compliant with regulations and creating efficient workflows,” states Steven Rodriguez, President, ShiftWise. Presently, Portland, OR-based firm underpins 2000 hospitals and 5000 facilities spread across all states of the country with its robust VMS.

ShiftWise’s cloud-based VMS automates and streamlines recruiting, credentialing, timekeeping, and invoicing. The vendor-neutral ShiftWise VMS assists hospitals to verify credentials of contingent workers for meeting a gamut of compliance and manage vendor agreements. With ShiftWise VMS, the clients expedite profile matching and job ordering process and apply pre-set templates to assign bill rates based on location or unit. Hospitals can easily comply with federal, state, and local laws by automatically managing pending and expired eligibility requirements for the staff.

ShiftWise VMS captures day-to-day transactions between hospitals and suppliers and presents reports and key performance indicators (KPIs). These reports include crucial metrics like fill rates, conversion rates, average staff evaluation grades, and a total number of no call/no shows. These datasets are critical in analyzing bill rates, quality of candidates, and vendors. Insights provided by ShiftWise prepare hospitals to ace the Joint Commission audits and rapidly adapt to frequent regulatory amendments.

We are experienced in making hospitals compliant with regulations and creating efficient workflows

Before deploying its solution, ShiftWise captures clients business and operational needs besides workflow requirements. ShiftWise conducts two rounds of need analysis and document the process for implementing the workflows and implementation time varies in accordance with the complexity of the setup. To ensure the effective use of its VMS solution post-deployment, ShiftWise trains clients and assigns onsite account managers when needed to resolve their queries. ShiftWise VMS can be easily integrated with other applications as well. Healthcare providers can tie ShiftWise with their existing HRIS, scheduling, timekeeping and financial systems.

Trusted by Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland Clinic, and numerous prominent names in the healthcare arena, efficacy of ShiftWise solution came to the fore in case of University Hospitals. University Hospitals (UH), which performs 4.5 million outpatient procedures and 63,000 inpatient discharges annually, had to overcome stringent, organization-wide requirements for screening contingent staff. The client was riddled with time-consuming, manual and paper-based processes and repetitive screening processes at multiple facilities. Using ShiftWise VMS, UH could verify credentials, tests, immunizations, and documents. The client received notifications about expired credentials and those approached expiration besides gaining real-time and historical staff credential data. Eventually, UH could perform fast, accurate and standardized credential verification across its eleven hospitals, comply with industry staffing requirements outlined by Joint Commission, and access all documentation for potential candidates.

Started with a mission to empower hospitals with an ability to manage multiple vendors, ShiftWise has amassed 1 billion spend under management from the year to date. They have continuously applied the power of data to reorient contingent workforce management and empower its clientele with the same. At the end of the day, ShiftWise wants to provide their customers the power to connect the right professionals with the right opportunities at the right time, resulting in quality healthcare outcomes.