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Sigmund Software: Ensuring Remarkable Patient-Provider Engagement

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Philip Turner President and CEO, Sigmund SoftwarePhilip Turner President and CEO, Sigmund Software
In today’s digitalization era, people have access to all kinds of information at their fingertips, from credit card balances to flight information, and even tracking the status of their orders. However, when it comes to a patient’s electronic healthcare data, it is still far too cumbersome for patients to access the information. Reason being: the CIO’s are still struggling to find the best technology to keep up with the most radical and shifting trends in healthcare which are patient engagement, education and retention.

One company making great strides in revolutionizing behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment through its leading edge patient-engagement tools is Sigmund Software. Sigmund’s latest consumer-facing portal technology will certainly modernize behavioral healthcare by providing patients with real-time access to relevant and actionable information that improve outcomes while also providing clinicians with better data insights and visualization tools to facilitate the clinical decision making process.

“AURA offers a comprehensive suite of specialized features essential for all unique users and allows organizations to employ the solution for larger, more diverse functionalities,” begins Philip Turner, President and CEO of Sigmund Software. Apart from providing a seamless patient engagement experience, AURA handles enterprise software functions such as revenue cycle management, business development, compliance and practice management to name just a few features that span over the business spectrum.

AURA breaks down the barriers of patient engagement by bringing in the ability to interact, track and report patient’s utilization of the software in the same way that it is done for the healthcare staff.

AURA is much sought-after software by healthcare providers whose requirements significantly exceed the functionalities involved in traditional electronic health records, practice management and billing solutions

“AURA is highly scalable and meets the industry requirements for system consolidation and availability along with the increased productivity demands,” states Turner. The revolutionary software provides end-to-end clinical, medical, financial and operational solutions for healthcare and treatment providers, it also includes unique and highly specialized outcomes and patient engagement tools.

The healthcare space is filled with vertical markets that have several layers within them, providing unlimited technological innovation. What makes Sigmund Software different from the rest of the players in the industry is their ability to provide distinctive solutions for specific markets along with enterprise software that extends its features into various other domains. “AURA is a much sought-after software by healthcare providers whose requirements significantly exceed the functionalities involved in traditional electronic health records, practice management and billing solutions,” adds Turner.

Sigmund’s principal focus lies in the capability of the platform to continue supporting complex and specified requirements of the providers within an array of specialties and subspecialties. “We do not evaluate the performance of our software based on the market share. Rather, we look at the ability of the solution to cater to the needs of the user successfully,” says Turner.

The year ahead looks promising for Sigmund as Turner foresees the future of healthcare with patient provider engagement at its center. With industrial events driving the retailing and consumerization of healthcare, Turner expects the inclusion of patient generated data into the care plan to increase at an accelerated pace. As an answer to the growing requirement of the healthcare space, Sigmund Software has positioned their remarkable platform, AURA, to provide a robust solution to the providers and consumers of the care sector.

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Sigmund Software

Danbury, CT

Philip Turner President and CEO, Sigmund Software

Sigmund Software is a leader in providing Software Solutions for Behavioral Health, Social Service and Addiction Treatment Providers nationwide. Sigmund’s suite of flexible features and cutting edge automation (including clinical documentation, EDI, benefits verification, eprescribing, scheduling and more) provide the functionality needed to deliver more effective services across all departments