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Signature Performance: Reforming Healthcare Revenue Management

Chris Vairo, Chief Revenue Officer, Signature PerformanceChris Vairo, Chief Revenue Officer, Signature Performance
The rising cost and complexity of managing healthcare cost is forcing hospitals to operate with small or negative revenue margins. Signature Performance is defining the standard of revenue cycle management in healthcare, by optimizing performance using best-in-class technology, professional talent, and operational processes. Chris Vairo, the company’s Chief Revenue Officer, states the main goal of Signature Performance is to optimize hospital’s Revenue Cycle and Health Information Management (HIM) processes and technology while providing experienced talent to augment current systems that enhance efficiencies. This value proposition has helped the company successfully engage with clients ranging from small rural facilities to large multi-hospital systems in the private sector as well as the Federal Government.

Signature Performance offers an entire spectrum of services for Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and HIM that spans the front, middle, and back end of the revenue cycle including point of service management, registration, eligibility, medical coding, clinical documentation improvement, denial management, insurance billing, insurance resolution, and consulting. Vairo comments that Signature Performance’s services are built around specific needs of clients including a complete outsourcing model or ‘a la carte’ options. Strategic outsourcing improves processes, focuses on talent, and enhances hospital electronic medical record (EMR) system utilization that translates into cash and a healthy return on investment. “At Signature Performance, we have also created technology to manage medical coder productivity and quality. Our tool has helped us attain a 97.5 percent in medical coding quality as opposed to the industry standard of 95 percent,” says Vairo. Signature Performance’s skilled workforce coupled with high-end technology optimizes the revenue cycle management systems by identifying and bridging gaps leading to improved efficiencies.

Lori Hoffart, Vice President of Operations, Signature PerformanceLori Hoffart, Vice President of Operations, Signature Performance
When it comes to service deployment, the company’s workforce—which is well versed in different industry systems such as Epic, Cerner, CPSI, McKesson, eClinicalWorks, and others—establishes connections between Signature Performance’s internal systems and clients’ systems. “Clients appreciate our team’s ability and acumen for optimizing systems that are often underutilized while helping business units work more productively together resulting in lower costs and higher efficiency,” says Lori Hoffart, Vice President of Operations. The data flow between systems allows Signature Performance to generate dashboards and manage clients’ workflows while tracking key performance indicators. As a highly reliable partner, Signature Performance serves as a one-stop shop when additional requirements are necessary at the hospital- or market-level. Vairo remarks that the quality of operations and services delivered to hospitals is a major differentiator for Signature Performance, which won the Better Business Bureau’s 2017 Integrity Award and has been recognized as a Best Place to Work in the country by Modern Healthcare.

Recently, the company authored a whitepaper about a hospital that was suffering from revenue deficit. Signature Performance came up with a solution to manage the revenue cycle as well as supporting staff from their Omaha office to help turn the hospital around. The solution increased revenue for the hospital by 277 percent in 12 months! The increased revenue benefited the hospital, the community, and the patients giving the hospital additional funds to invest in recruiting talent as well as upgrading equipment and systems which result in quality patient care.

With a strong history of growth, Signature Performance remains focused on the healthcare industry, leveraging advanced technologies, and building comprehensive solutions. Going forward, the company continues to diversify its services for healthcare clients in the federal and private sectors. Vairo concludes, “Amid today’s value-based care and increasing healthcare complexities, we are looking at innovative ways to provide additional value to our clients and help reduce rising healthcare costs associated with revenue cycle management and administrative services.”