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Signet Accel: Realizing the True Potential of Big Data in Healthcare

John Raden, CEO, Signet AccelJohn Raden, CEO, Signet Accel
Today, big data analytics is playing a prominent role in the healthcare sector—enabling medical communities to deliver more robust research methodologies, investigate new treatments and rare diseases, and predict interactive effects for comorbidities treatments. However, no matter how sophisticated the analytics tools are, they are only as good as the data they analyze. “It’s the lack of data interoperability that prevents us from realizing the promise of big data in healthcare,” says John Raden, CEO, Signet Accel. He further adds, “We don’t see the power of these tools being used to their fullest potential due to a lack of connectivity and integration among all data sources. And that is the problem we solve.” With a shared vision of data-driven healthcare research and delivery, Signet Accel offers a commercial federated data integration platform to truly connect disparate data—from any system, speaking any language—capitalizing on current investments, increasing speed of discovery and offering complete search results.

Signet Accel’s Avec™ ensures analytics and data visualization tools have access to all data possible. “It can aggregate multiple disparate databases all over the world—as it is, and where it is—into a pristine data stream, eliminating the need for duplicitous capital expenditures,” remarks Raden. “And our advanced query functionality allows healthcare professionals to ask more questions and receive more complete answers, targeting therapies faster and with greater precision.” Initiated at The Ohio State University in collaboration with investigators and technologists on an international scale, Avec eschews traditional data sharing and takes a harmonization approach to truly connect data, allowing stakeholders—including patients, providers, payers, researchers, and investors—to make decisions that can usher in innovation.

At Signet Accel, we bring true interoperability to healthcare—profoundly affecting the ability of investigators and clinicians to understand, treat, and cure, significantly reducing the time it takes to see real results

“A true interoperability solution provides peace of mind,” states Raden. The firm’s federated data integration platform maintains patient privacy and ensures data security, enabling complete and transparent control of who accesses the data, all while maintaining privacy and data ownership. This confidence further encourages patients to readily submit themselves to trials and studies, trusting their data will be used in the quest for better treatment.

“At Signet Accel, we bring true interoperability to healthcare— profoundly affecting the ability of investigators and clinicians to understand, treat, and cure, siginificantly reducing the time it takes to see real results,” delineates Raden. Signet Accel and the 18-site international Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation (HCL-RF) are collaborating to bring interoperability to the fight against Hairy Cell Leukemia (HCL), a rare form of chronic adult leukemia. In usual medical practices, the availability of data related to rare diseases is often limited, because organizational and policy barriers often preclude the use of centralized repositories, particularly when it is requisite to engage a geographically diverse group of sites. With Avec, data is exchanged and rendered via encrypted channels—allowing practitioners to accelerate critical research with improved therapies and treatment options for patients diagnosed with rare diseases.

With a strong business model in place, the future of Signet Accel looks favorable in the coming years, with added associates and continued expansion. “Through our organic growth and strategic acquisitions, we will continue to deliver true interoperability for advancing academic research, achieving meaningful use objectives, and enabling the continuum of care,” concludes Raden.