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Smartcare Software: Next Generation Home Care Platform Enables Faster Hiring, Increased Retention, and Improved Care Outcomes

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Scott Zielski, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Smartcare SoftwareScott Zielski, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Smartcare Software Today, the rising aging population at a global level necessitates providing better in-home care at lower costs. This increasing need for homecare is driving a skyrocketing demand for in-home caregivers. Finding and retaining reliable caregivers has become the home care industry’s most significant challenge, and the resulting caregiver shortage is hindering home care providers’ ability to deliver quality care outcomes.

Bridging the hiring and retention gap in the homecare arena with its technological breakthroughs is Smartcare Software, which delivers an end-to-end, cloud-based home care platform that equips providers to deliver high-quality care outcomes, optimize business operations, and solve caregiver hiring and retention challenges.

Smartcare Software was founded with the goal of ensuring the elderly can age with comfort, convenience, and the best experience possible. To achieve this goal, Smartcare focused on using transformative technology like advanced automation and machine learning to solve the challenges of advancing care in the home. Today, Smartcare’s cloud-based solution enables the highest quality patient-caregiver experience while simplifying management tasks and solving critical provider pain points like caregiver hiring and retention.

“We are solving homecare’s greatest challenges through innovation,” explains Scott Zielski, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Smartcare Software. “Our premier digital homecare Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform enables providers to achieve best practices in care, strengthen and elevate the patient-caregiver engagement experience, and increase overall satisfaction.”

Smartcare Software addresses the market’s caregiver retention pain point with a multi-faceted solution that increases retention by focusing on the caregiver experience. Central to Smartcare Software’s retention toolset is Caregiver Rewards, the industry’s first embedded loyalty system, which leverages gamification principles to make

the job fun - significantly improving caregiver retention and engagement rates.

Caregiver Reward’s unique functionality allows agencies to offer tailored rewards for meeting ideal performance criteria. The system has complete flexibility, and all rewards are configurable to meet each agency’s individual goals. By using smart logic and automation, Caregiver Rewards carries out the ongoing effort of making rewards consistent and manageable.

Rewarding caregivers becomes automatic, making recognition consistent and manageable without extra effort from agency staff.

“Engaged, motivated caregivers are more committed and loyal to an agency, show increased productivity, and support improved patient outcomes. This contributes to a provider’s success and increases their potential for future growth,” says Zielski. “Automatically recognizing and rewarding employees for their performance with Caregiver Rewards has a tremendous positive impact on the caregiver experience and retention.”

Multiple elements intrinsic to the Smartcare platform also contribute to caregiver retention. For example, matching the right caregiver to the right patient strengthens their bond and increases caregiver retention rates. Smartcare Software uses machine learning (ML) and unique advanced matching algorithms to assist home care providers in identifying better matches between caregivers and patients. Higher quality matching further contributes to increased outcome delivery and overall patient-caregiver satisfaction. In addition, mobile point-of-care apps and industry-leading workflows help home care providers using Smartcare Software achieve some of the highest engagement experience levels in the market.

New to Smartcare Software’s retention suite is the ENGAGE Hiring Hub, a comprehensive hiring platform designed to address the unique challenges of attracting and onboarding caregivers.

Providers can post positions to job boards, manage applicants, and move candidates quickly through the stages of their hiring process while keeping information online and organized. ENGAGE decreases applicant dropout while helping to build an employer brand to attract and hire top talent and achieve agency success. With ENGAGE, caregiver retention begins with a satisfying hiring and onboarding experience.
  • Smartcare Software is solving homecare’s greatest challenges through innovation. Our digital homecare Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform is driving best practices in care, elevating the patient caregiver engagement experience, and increasing overall satisfaction

Like everyone else in the challenging caregiver hiring market, a large Smartcare Software customer from the Southwestern United States struggled to hire caregivers. The provider began to use Caregiver Rewards to differentiate their agency in the competitive hiring market and saw a significant increase in their applicant-to-hire ratio. This was an unexpected benefit beyond the increased morale of its entire team and over 50% improvement in on-time clock-in statistics.

Smartcare Software is laser-focused on solving homecare’s challenges by providing innovative and intuitive solutions that help deliver excellent care at affordable costs. Their users are achieving this while retaining caregivers and engaging them with patients. As a result, the company is helping providers meet the rising demand for home caregivers and contributing to delivering strong care outcomes.

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Smartcare Software

Smartcare Software

Wisconsin, US

Scott Zielski, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Smartcare Software

Smartcare Software supplies an award-winning, all-in-one cloud-based platform for home care providers. Using innovative automation and machine learning, Smartcare simplifies all aspects of home care operations ­- marketing an agency, hiring and retaining caregivers, managing client care, and comprehensive revenue management.