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SMB Networks: A Game-Changer in the Healthcare Technology Landscape

Peter Verlezza, Managing Partner, SMB NetworksPeter Verlezza, Managing Partner, SMB Networks
Managing technology services within the confines of a medical practice is intricate and, sometimes, overwhelming. From ensuring existing systems function efficiently to mitigating cybersecurity risks to managing newly adopted technologies, there is a lot on the plate of a medical practice executive. After years of witnessing organizations in the care continuum struggle with these technological issues and back-office operations, Peter Verlezza, a technology expert and cybersecurity professional, sought to provide consulting and technology services with a personal touch to help medical practices focus on enhancing patient care, instead of worrying about technology. This spurred the genesis of SMB Networks, which partners with healthcare organizations and delivers technology support services. SMB Networks is the complete package. “Doing business with SMB Networks means that we sit on the same side of the table as the client and take all of the concerns off their plate. Our mission is to establish long-lasting, committed relationships with our clients, whom we refer to our raving fans,” remarks Verlezza, the managing partner of the company.

It is not always about managing technology and Verlezza understand this very well. “Our uniqueness lies not in providing technology solutions but in perfecting the art of developing relationships with clients,” he adds. SMB Networks serves its clients in a way one would manage their own company. This has manifested itself in many different ways: “Often, clients reach out to us seeking advice on aspects completely unrelated to our services.” This is a testament to SMB Networks’ prowess as a trusted advisor in the industry.

Verlezza greatly emphasizes on “touching people in appropriate ways.” This is evident in the manner SMB Networks engages with their healthcare clients. “We are adept at ‘knowing’ our audience and ‘connecting’ to them in a meaningful way,” states Verlezza. The company’s “non-commoditizable relationships” make them tower above the rest.

By understanding all the complexities of healthcare IT and staying up-to-date with HIPAA regulations, SMB Networks takes a holistic approach to solving clients’ technology problems and helping ensure compliance. “We deliver technology solutions that work exactly the way our clients want them to,” explains Verlezza. With a team of experts that provides round-the-clock support and IT outsourcing and consulting services, SMB Networks designs and implements software projects that meet the network, computer, and security needs of its clients. The company’s fast response time, deep-seated experience in IT, and quality customer service are second to none. “Our knowledge of medical practices, not only from a technology point of view but also from a workflow perspective, helps us truly address any issues clients face,” affirms Verlezza.

Elucidating SMB Networks’ capability to provide IT management services that result in successful outcomes is the company’s success story with an OB/GYN practitioner. The client experienced downtime of several hours on a daily basis due to hardware and network issues. “Every day, the healthcare facility’s servers would go offline, leading to commotion and confusion since patient information could not be accessed,” says Verlezza. When SMB Networks stepped in and provided the necessary infrastructure hardware, OS, and server software, the client was able to seamlessly overcome all of the issues—downtime reduced to zero and productivity increased to 10 hours a day.

With a keen eye on the horizon, the company is planning to expand and provide its services globally. “We will also continue to develop our cybersecurity services to protect medical practices and firms against cyberthreats,” reveals Verlezza. With its unique approach to maintaining long-standing relationships with its clients and partners, SMB Networks is proving to be a trend-setter in the healthcare technology landscape.