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SOAPware: Intelligent EHR for Streamlined Clinical Workflow

Don Butcher, COO, SOAPwareDon Butcher, COO, SOAPware
Healthcare organizations are struggling to manage increasing amount of patient data. It is affecting the overall clinical workflow by making it more chaotic. At the same time, numerous, complex, and ever changing data entry and reporting requirements from payers and governing agencies are worsening the complexities for healthcare providers. They are looking for an effective electronic health recording system to control the pool of patient data and offer better care. Addressing the need, SOAPware offers enterprise-class healthcare solutions to improve the quality of care by empowering medical professionals and patients with cutting-edge technology and services. “Our focus is on rendering technology that promotes doctor-patient relationship,” says Don Butcher, COO, SOAPware.

A differentiator in the healthcare space, SOAPware’s Professional EHR empowers small, large or multi-location practices with higher billing levels, lower paper dependency, and enhanced office communications. The company’s fully-customizable EHR comes with built-in e-prescribing and medication history, and connects directly to patient’s pharmacy for an efficient, streamlined workflow. “The unique key for the EHR’s success lies in its ability to support interoperability between systems and agencies, along with patient engagement,” says the COO. With a mix and match of highly sophisticated services, the EHR also automates Document Management, Instant Medical History Integration, and Patient Education Handouts. “With SOAPware’s EHR, a clinician can easily find the patient’s summary, medications, and allergies—all on one page,” says Butcher. The application also facilitates adding pictures, documents, audios, and videos into any section of the patient chart—by simple drag and drop— thereby facilitating the ease of real paper chart. These value-added benefits along with offsite access and cloud integration help physicians around the world to gain real-time insights at the point-of-care.

With SOAPware’s EHR, a clinician can easily find the patient’s summary, medications, and allergies— all on one page

The company goes a step further and provides myHEALTHware, a patient-centered health care management platform that reduces communication gap between clinicians and the patients. The platform builds a private, user-friendly, secured environment for patients to gain safe access to medical records through a reliable medium. “Our myHEALTHware system serves as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP), allowing users to connect and share files with other providers via an open-standard, HIPAA-compliant Direct Protocol, regardless of which EHR they use,” explains Butcher. With all the needed information available at the fingertips, the platform acts as ultimate coordinated solution for both internal and external team members of the clinic.

SOAPware’s drive for the customer’s success takes them the extra mile where they lend comprehensive training, education and product support services for the clients. “At SOAPware, we’re dedicated to making the process of implementing a new EHR system as smooth as possible,” comments Butcher. “This is attained thorough utilizing a concierge approach for both customer learning and on-boarding.” The company’s experienced and knowledgeable team members engages with the customer from the moment they “go live” and formally tracks every detail of the transition in order to help clients in every possible way. “The customers attend a post service survey for every team-interaction and we are glad to reveal that our teams are rated excellent to outstanding in all the engagements,” expresses Butcher.

These implementation efforts that reflect in the form of over 36,000 happy and satisfied SOAPware’s users, powers the company to be at the vanguard position of paving next era EHR services. “As a company we enjoy facing unique challenges that each project brings to us. Once thoroughly analyzed, we overcome those by applying our state-of-art healthcare solutions,” evinces Butcher.