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SpinTech MRI: Introducing Next-Gen MRI Data Processing

Medical imaging is witnessing unprecedented innovation as the healthcare industry embraces precision and value-based medicine. Especially with advances in MRI, radiologists and neurologists are now able to acquire and process brain images in less time and in greater detail. Some of the latest innovations are helping healthcare providers accurately diagnose and treat brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s more quickly while improving patient outcomes and health system financial performance through greater access to advanced imaging.

At the leading edge of imaging innovation is the Strategically Acquired Gradient Echo (STAGE) platform developed by SpinTech MRI, a fast-rising medical technology company.

SpinTech MRI’s STAGE technology facilitates faster acquisition and processing of multi-contrast MRI data, streamlining radiology workloads, increasing patient throughput and reducing healthcare costs. STAGE software integrates with 3T and 1.5T MRI machines and radiology workflows used at many hospitals and imaging centers. It enables physicians to easily access, analyze and visualize large MRI datasets and generate quantitative 3D maps for faster detection of brain disease biomarkers. It also helps health systems improve the ROI of expensive MRI machines even as imaging reimbursements decrease.

“Our technology reduces brain imaging acquisition times by 40 percent and enables physicians to get comprehensive, quantitative multi-contrast 3D data, and images in four to six minutes,” says Karen Holzberger, president and CEO of SpinTech MRI.

STAGE is clearly a step up from the traditional qualitative visual interpretation of MRI images or compressed sensing and image reconstruction techniques, which shorten scan times by acquiring less data and fill any gaps with AI-based interpolation. STAGE acquires all relevant qualitative and quantitative data without trade-offs in imaging time, cost, complexity, or the availability of data that neurologists rely on for diagnosis, surgical interventions, or patient monitoring.

Our technology reduces brain imaging acquisition times by 40 percent and enables physicians to get comprehensive, quantitative, multi-contrast 3D data and images in four to six minutes

For patients and their families, STAGE helps expand access to enhanced imaging and increases diagnostic speed and accuracy. It improves patient experiences by reducing the time required to lay still in the confined circular space typical of most MRI machines. The increasing consumerization of ealthcare and higher patient satisfaction ultimately boosts hospital ratings and improves its long-term financial integrity.

The Roots of MRI Excellence

The development of STAGE technology and growth of SpinTech MRI can be attributed to Dr. Mark Haacke, Ph.D. A former president of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and the International Society of Neurovascular Diseases, Dr. Haacke has published over 300 papers, been cited more than 300,000 times by other MRI researchers, and awarded over 18 technology patents.

With the aim of alleviating radiologist workloads, empowering neurologists with critical diagnostic information, and improving patient outcomes, Dr. Haacke has transformed his physics and MR imaging research into practical clinical applications.

That work includes important MR angiography (MRA) and susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) techniques that continue to revolutionize MRI diagnostics. The current culmination of his ongoing scientific research and practical technology expertise is STAGE, which received 510(k) clearance from the FDA in 2021.

Under the Hood of STAGE Technology

SpinTech MRI’s STAGE software is easily installed and integrated with existing scanner, PACS (picture archiving and communication system), and radiology reporting workflows. Traditional MRI protocols require neurologists and radiologists to define and implement machine-specific settings with exacting precision for each scan. But STAGE enables them to simply decide which brain features they want to image, acquire multi-contrast data in a single scan, and then process and analyze images and data as needed. STAGE software produces standardized datasets regardless of scanner make or model. Scans using STAGE typically take five minutes compared to as much as 15-20 minutes using traditional techniques.

Just as a digital camera can record device, exposure and other metadata with each image, STAGE records information about the MRI machine and settings used along with image and biomarker data in a standardized format regardless of scanner make or model. That ensures accuracy, output consistency between scanners, and reproducibility needed for monitoring disease progression and treatment effectiveness. The data can also be used for research or for training AI models.

“Our approach goes beyond presumptive reconstructions and delves into comprehensive and actual 3D data of disease biomarkers, enabling radiologists and neurologists to achieve accurate representation of brain conditions,” says Ward Detwiler, co-founder and chief commercial officer of SpinTech MRI.

With STAGE, radiologists can view up to 17 imaging outputs, including the measurement of changes in blood, iron, oxygen, and water levels in different parts of the brain that indicate disease and disease sub-types.

Working within existing workflows without requiring added time or steps, STAGE enables radiologists to provide detailed quantitative and qualitative data to neurologists and neurosurgeons to inform diagnostic and treatment decisions based on specific patient needs.

Expanding Clinical Applications for STAGE

Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine are evaluating how implementing STAGE in a busy neuroradiology practice can reduce acquisition times, improve throughput, and enhance diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and other disorders. They are also studying the advantages of using STAGE versus AI based image reconstruction to improve workflow efficiency and reduce scan times. Those benefits are especially relevant for pediatric neuroimaging, where faster scans reduce the need for and risks associated with anesthesia, and for rapid screening in patients with suspected stroke.

  • Our approach goes beyond presumptive reconstructions and delves into comprehensive and actual 3D data of disease biomarkers, enabling radiologists and neurologists to achieve accurate representation of brain conditions

SpinTech MRI is developing additional clinical applications of the STAGE platform. One includes the use of STAGE data and images for improved guidance of radiation therapy for brain tumors. Another is for the automatic detection of the number, size, and location of brain microbleeds, which can be important predictors of post-surgical patient recovery and cognitive outcomes.

Guiding Healthcare Researchers and Providers to the Future of MRI

With more than 20 patents and over 100 research papers on STAGE technology, SpinTech MRI is carving a unique spot in the medical innovation space. SpinTech MRI scientists are actively collaborating with leading MRI researchers worldwide and expanding the company’s seminal role in connecting academic studies to real-life clinical needs and practical applications for Parkinson’s disease, TBI, dementia, cerebral microbleeds, and other neurological disorders.

SpinTech MRI is focusing on commercial deployments of STAGE in the U.S. and Canada, before expanding to other countries. Simultaneously, the company is increasing clinical applications of STAGE for neck, spine, knee, and ankle disorders. While the company’s technology and solutions are based on sophisticated and advanced physics and medical research, its practical approach is firmly grounded in empowering physicians to provide superior care and in improving people’s lives.

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SpinTech MRI

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Karen Holzberger, President and CEO and Ward Detwiler, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, SpinTech MRI

SpinTech MRI is a fast-rising medical technology company offering a unique MR data acquisition and processing technology that guarantees unparalleled acquisition speed and data quality without tradeoffs.