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Standpoint Software: Enhancing Patient Care Team Performances

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Stephen E. Overman, Founder and CEO, Standpoint SoftwareStephen E. Overman, Founder and CEO, Standpoint Software It was a typical Monday morning in the endocrinology department of a hospital where a physician was diagnosing a patient with Type 2 diabetes. He was about to draw up a treatment plan when he suddenly pulled out an iPad and started sending messages in a social media-like application to seek a second opinion from his colleagues.

Upon receiving the message, the physician’s colleagues reviewed all the relevant patient details and diagnostical insights the app had collected against the patient’s unique ID. It did not take long for them to share their suggestions and help the endocrinologist devise the most optimal treatment plan—all in the same conversation thread.

If you are wondering what kind of software was used by the patient care team, the answer is ETHoS™! Designed by one of the leading healthcare technology developers—Standpoint Software—ETHoS™ acts as a ‘Slack for doctors,’ bringing simplicity and speed into everyday healthcare analytics and communication while also adding the all too familiar and engaging ‘secure social media touch’ in a private hospital network. Being an ‘intelligent Slack’ for clinician teams, ETHoS™ leverages “Augmenting AI” to deliver deep care insights to the lead physician and onto their perioperative team through an on-demand app. As a result, they are being able to make faster and better decisions, coordinate and communicate a higher quality of patient outcome, lower costs per episode of care, and facilitate measurably improved care team performance.

“Through ETHoS™, our goal is to make the delivery of patient care easier for the lead physician, empowering them to make faster and more informed decisions, lower the care delivery cost, and ultimately improved patient outcomes,” says Stephen E. Overman, founder and CEO of Standpoint Software.

We want Standpoint to be a Company that Designs Solutions Based on the Ideas and Insights of our Clients and Equips them with Tools Necessary to Build the Next Gen Healthcare Ecosyste

On the surface, the ETHoS™ platform looks like a typical collaboration tool where the physicians and care team members communicate.

However, under the hood, it is a sophisticated AI and social network analysis (SNA) connected to the hospital’s crucial patient information systems, continuously analyzing data and collating insights to bring value to the conversation. By leveraging this central knowledge and communication base facilitated by ETHoS™, physicians and the patient care teams become part of an involved community where they can share relevant patient information and make informed clinical decisions. That’s not all. The platform also detects any gaps in physician communication through its social network analysis (SNA) capability.

Based on the analysis, the software offers into how physicians and their clinician network focused on an episode of care can leverage ETHoS™ to its full potential and further improve patient costs and care outcomes.

Care teams and their lead physicians are a network of people that need to communicate, collaborate and coordinate, and share information in a secure private network at their most optimal. ETHoS™ can measure their performance and provide feedback.

Owing to these functionalities, today, ETHoS™ is becoming quite popular for its ease of use and augmenting analytical capability. By establishing a centralized coordination base for physicians and patient care teams, the platform is offering them a 360-degree situational view of the patient care journey—all for a truly connected healthcare space that can foster unparalleled care outcomes.

The Roots of Healthcare Excellence

The inception of such an outstanding solution can be traced back to 2019 when Stephen Overman—the then COO for MindMode Corp (a provider of secure intelligent encryption services)—was trying to build solutions that enhance the communication workflow for its intelligence related customers and other clients. Although the hospitals were investing in cutting edge technology, there were still gaps to be filled. On the one side, there were robust information management systems, and on the other, the latest communication systems. Overman believed that connecting these two distinct areas in healthcare would lead to more productive team coordination challenge that needed to be solved. What they needed was an intelligent communication platform that was simple and engaging like a social media application but robust and sophisticated enough to connect with the hospital systems and generate analytics-based insights during a patient episode of care.

  • Through Ethos™, our Goal is to Make the Delivery of Patient Care Easier for the Lead Physician, Empowering them to Make Faster and more Informed Decisions, Lower the Care Delivery Cost, and Ultimately Improve Patient Outcomes

When he took this idea to the investors of MindMode Corp, they embraced it, and MindMode Corp became Standpoint Software with Overman at the helm. The rebranded company focused all its resources on serving the healthcare industry. Thereon, it did not take long for Overman and his team to build the Augmenting AI-backed software that would bring his idea to fruition. After several iterations and improvements, his vision manifested as ETHoS™— the platform that is changing the face of healthcare coordination today.

Ushering Clients into a Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

ETHoS™ is currently in its proof-of concept stage, and hence Standpoint is busy conducting digital healthcare pilot programs. It is bolstering the product trial validation, paving the way for full scale commercialization of ETHoS™ in the healthcare marketplace.

Based on the analysis, the software offers into how physicians and their clinician network focused on an episode of care can leverage ETHoS™ to its full potential and further improve patient costs and care outcomes.

The company’s pilot partner framework involves collaborating with the relevant stakeholders in a healthcare organization and implementing ETHoS™ on a small scale before demonstrating its value proposition in a period of three to four months and integrating it on a greater scale in the hospital.

When initiating the pilot program, Standpoint first contacts the lead physicians to understand the precise gray areas in their day-to-day clinical workflow and designs a proposal to be taken to the C-level executives who are responsible for the hospital’s ROI. This way, Standpoint ensures that the solution is developed to fit into the clinical workflow and not the other way round. Once the C-suite grants them the financial and operational authority, the company implements the ETHoS™ platform in the client’s Healthcare IT ecosystem and integrates it with the relevant healthcare information systems. The company also measures the improvements as physicians and care team members leverage the collaboration platform in their everyday tasks. Taking note of the feedback from users, Standpoint iterates further to tie up any loose knots around the integration. Once the software is validated, Standpoint presents the results to the hospital’s stakeholders and gives them the option of expanding the pilot into full- fledged implementation across the hospital’s broader ecosystem.

So far, Standpoint Software’s pilot programs have reaped significant outcomes. Based on recent pilot studies, ETHoS™ has led to a 28 percent cost improvement, 30 percent increase in quality of care, and up to 16 percent growth in operating margins year- over-year, while saving hundreds of millions of dollars in hospital expenses, in bringing accuracy and precision to any communication that takes place among the patient care teams.

Especially in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, ETHoS™ is helping its partner physicians reduce the time for care per patient and make way for others requiring urgent care. Even smaller clinics that have been leveraging data from larger hospitals are now utilizing the AI-powered and network analytic capabilities of ETHoS™ to procure insights from their own patient demographics without having to depend on external sources.

With such benefits becoming evident from the pilot runs of ETHoS™, Standpoint is steadily expanding its client base. The company is focused on continually evolving the platform on the feedback from user experience inputs derived from the pilot programs and further enhancing the capabilities of its platform. In the coming months, Standpoint will also partner with technology vendors to facilitate a seamless pathway for its clients to interface securely to more collective and connected databases. “We want Standpoint to be a company that designs solutions based on the ideas and insights of our clients and equips them with tools necessary to build the next-gen healthcare ecosystem,” concludes Overman.

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Stephen E. Overman, Founder and CEO , Standpoint Software

Standpoint Software was founded to coordinate precision care for patients. The company's software ETHoS is focused on providing a unified location with 24/7 synchronous communication between lead physicians, their teams and all other stakeholder involved in the patient's care pathway. The augmented intelligence allows them to perform deep insight analysis, predict patient outcomes, and reduce costs while communicating seamlessly with graphical evidence.