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Stella Technology: Strategic Technology Solutions for Improved Patient Provider Collaboration

Lalo A. Valdez, President & CEO , Stella TechnologyLalo A. Valdez, President & CEO , Stella Technology
The healthcare industry has made great strides in the digitizing the health experience. However, healthcare organizations continue to face challenges and barriers for true interoperability. To address these challenges, Stella Technology offers deep domain knowledge and experience to turn care coordination, patient data access, and information exchange projects into proven successes. “We provide next generation software that helps healthcare organizations access relevant information to make the right clinical decisions to care for their patients,” says Lalo A. Valdez, President and CEO.

The company’s medical communication and care coordination platform, Caredination, helps care givers navigate the complex healthcare system and ensures that patients’ critical medical information is not lost. “Caredination is a care team based tool, where every clinician who is part of a care team can track, manage, and follow all patient activities as they move from one care setting to another,” says Valdez. The cloud-based solution provides dashboards that help care managers to track patient activities pertaining to hospital admissions, discharges, referrals, appointments, and care management tasks. Powerful notification and reminder capabilities ensure that proper follow-ups are made and no task falls through the cracks. Caredination, dubbed the “patient-centered social network”, facilitates multi-directional dialogue among providers and payers, incorporating collaborative elements of social networking in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment.

Stella Technology’s Inspector of Quality Healthcare Data (iQHD) is a flexible and customizable tool that allows healthcare organizations acquire data and improve quality of clinical data. The solution, developed in partnership with HEALTHeLINK– the Western New York Clinical Information Exchange–helps organizations get meaningful, reliable, high quality data from multiple systems. With iQHD, organizations can work collaboratively with their partners and stakeholders to improve the overall quality of the clinical healthcare data.

This in turn helps them save time, resources, and costs in collecting, analyzing, and leveraging the data for integration projects as well as clinical and business intelligence initiatives. “iQHD acts as the gatekeeper to ensure that the data collected is clean, meaningful and ready to be used, ” states Valdez.

Stella Technology’s Clinical Staging Database is an extensible relational store that comes with a general purpose clinical data model. It is used for a variety of purposes such as population health management or system migration, and by a variety of downstream reporting, analytics and operational applications.

Caredination is a care team based tool, where every clinician who is part of a care team can track, manage, and follow all patient activities

Additionally, Stella provides end-to-end consulting services that focus on healthcare domain expertise, technology services as well as planning and operational expertise. “Stella helps organizations with interoperability standards specifications, applications design and development, clinical data integration and aggregation technology needs, as well as their ongoing HIE implementation and operations. Our work with the State of New York in implementing the Statewide Health Information Network of NY (SHIN NY), or the development of the Interoperability Testing Tool (ITT) which is used by the ConCert by HIMSS™ vendor certification program, are some examples of our expertise not only in healthcare interoperability standards, but also in developing enterprise technologies to solve complex clinical data integration challenges”, asserts Valdez.

Moving forward, Stella Technology is working on a big data platform that will support the capture, processing and storage of large amounts of healthcare data, as the industry braces for exponential growth in the availability of electronic data. The company will provide high performance, scalable, and easy to use data reservoirs with meaningful information to support population health management. “We plan to enhance the features of our solution set and execute on our mission to deliver a comprehensive platform of interoperability tools and solutions so that healthcare organizations can better exchange, coordinate and collaborate,” concludes Valdez.