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Stratasan: Providing Immediate Access to Healthcare Intelligence

 Jason Moore, Founder and CEO, Stratasan ‘Data’, ‘Information’, ‘Knowledge’, and ‘Wisdom’—four mere words that don’t really have much significance when mentioned separately but combine them together, and they represent the hierarchy of decision-making, the DIKW pyramid. Simply put, it’s a model to look at various ways of extracting insights and value from all sorts of data— whether it’s big, small, smart, fast and slow. Often depicted as a hierarchical model in the shape of a pyramid and also known as the data-information-knowledge-wisdom hierarchy, the philosophy forms the base on which healthcare market intelligence provider, Stratasan was founded upon. Jason Moore, Founder and CEO at Stratasan writes in a blog, “Stratasan views the DIKW pyramid as the best and most philosophically accurate way for leaders in the healthcare space to understand how they are capitalizing on their resources, both in terms of tools and people, and make more informed strategic growth decisions.” He further informs that comprehending the relationship between the layers of the DIKW pyramid also assists Stratasan in articulating ‘how the firm adds value to their customers.’

Founded to change the way hospitals and health systems use data to achieve strategic growth, Stratasan helps hospitals and healthcare systems make more informed decisions and drive strategic growth through their technology and professional services. The firm’s data analytics tools and Spark Services assist marketers, strategic planners, and business development teams to strategically grow their hospitals through data-driven decisions at a faster pace. Stratasan allows organizations to take better strategic decisions by gearing them with actionable intelligence and the local expertise of the healthcare market.

Delivering Unparalleled Intelligence

The pressing need to streamline healthcare data and derive actionable intelligence for taking strategic and marketing decisions formed the premise of Stratasan’s conception in 2010. “There’s a massive amount of healthcare data which is not easily accessible and utilize the information and intelligence,” says Moore. “Stratasan is a cloud-based application company and we build our application on top of healthcare data layers.”

Stratasan provides advanced analytics to hospitals, surgery centers, pharmaceuticals, health plans, physician offices, and communities through their analytics platform, and Pathway software suite.

Stratasan is a cloud-based application company and we build our application on top of healthcare data layers

The Stratasan analytics platform provides strategic planners and hospital executives with immediate and unrestricted access to healthcare intelligence. Sub-divided into three parts— Blackbird, Canvas, and Gallery—the platform offers its services to experiences analysts, field users, and c-suite administrators and endows the ability to query complicated datasets quickly, provides templated, easy-to-understand reports, and sends fresh data reports respectively. Through their analytics platform, Stratasan provides direction and insight for its clients’ strategic planning and marketing initiatives.

Further, through its Pathway software suite, Stratasan equips healthcare providers and hospital systems with immediate and un-throttled access to actionable intelligence. The firm delivers Physician Pathway and Launch Pathway software under their Pathway software suite. While Physician Pathway provides focused intelligence in the area of physician and provider relationships, Launch Pathway is a strategic intelligence platform that transforms complex market data into market insights. Physician Pathway enables organizations to view both inbound and outbound referral reports, while they switch back and forth with a simple toggle.

A visual intelligence platform, Launch Pathway removes the roadblocks of data crunching and progress to the more high-value work of growth strategy and planning. Through intelligence and visualizations, Launch Pathway endows organizations with insights increasing or decreasing value, service area's demographic makeup, and specific service lines that can be utilized by an organization.

Focused Services for Strategic Growth

The firm’s data processing services allows organizations to focus on growing their business strategically. Often, hospitals and health systems gather and clean medicare and state data themselves. Hospitals purchase data sets from their respective state hospital associations or other data vendors.

Once they receive this data they are often confronted with the difficult task of refining the data themselves which is a challenging and time-consuming task.

Stratasan encourages a greater focus on knowledge and wisdom and handles the arduous work of collecting, extracting, and transforming raw data into user-friendly intelligence. As a result, partners are provided with opportunity to focus on using intelligence gathered from the data to formulate informed decisions around organizational growth.

A general health system-Stratasan partnership starts with the Stratasan’s data team endowing consulting services to the hospitals to ensure the data they need is indeed available. Next, they verify quarterly and yearly trends multiple times prior to the data being uploaded into their cloud-based analytics platforms. The following step witnesses the firm’s expert team of data wranglers enabling its clients to make high-level decisions with the data as opposed to being mired in complex data mining. Specific codes (MS-DRG, ICD9, CPT, HCPCS) are connected to descriptions for easier usability of the data within the Stratasan platforms. These fields are important for analysis and include Admit Source, Admit Type, Discharge Status, Payer, and Race. Additionally, once the data has been extracted and transformed, it is sent through their quality assurance process. During the quality assurance process, the firm examines the overall volume, facility discharges or visits, and product line comparisons, and ensures that the data is current. Once the quality assurance process has completed, the data is then approved and made “live” for users. This opens the door for a more strategic use of strategic planning, marketing, and business development endeavors for Stratasan’s clients as they can now focus on more critical strategic decisions leading to overall system-wide growth.

It was in 2014 that Stratasan named Marshall Martin as its new president, joining co-founders Tod Fetherling and Jason Moore. Since then, the company has been gaining more steam and traction in the field of health care data and has been focused on helping hospitals, outpatient providers and physicians benchmark their operations, better define market opportunities and draw up growth strategies. Marshall's expertise in driving growth and profitability in emerging companies combined with the strength of Stratasan’s platform and capabilities of the existing management team and staff has provided a good match to capitalize on a very opportunistic market for the use of data and analytics to support strategic business decisions in health care. With the experience of handling more than a billion health records from federal, state, local and private sources, Stratasan looks all set to become the healthcare data management leaders in the not-so-distant future.

- Justin Smith
    December 12, 2017