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Suni Medical Imaging: Digital Radiography for an Enhanced Dental Practice

Digital radiography is providing the patients with peace of mind when they are on the dental chair. One of the advantages of digital radiography over film is the ability to enhance or alter X-rays, highlighting certain areas of the image to patients so that they can more clearly understand their proposed treatment plans. When patients feel more involved in the diagnostic process, they are more likely to accept treatment. Along the lines, Suni Medical Imaging’s SuniRay2 intraoral digital sensor is designed to attain maximal image quality with superior diagnostic capabilities while maintaining the lowest radiation exposure levels. “Our team has taken great strides to ensure that everything from the durability to the image quality has been enhanced,” asserts Fernando “Al” Bettencourt, COO at Suni Medical Imaging. “We are able to better understand our customers’ needs and efficiently incorporate them into our sensor designs.”

Dr. Suni Plus—the thinnest sensor in the dental industry from Suni Medical Imaging makes the diagnostic process easy for doctors and comfortable for patients. Without having the need to compromise reliability, the sensor’s new rounded corners make it incredibly comfortable for the patient. In similar note, the ultrasonically-sealed outer casing and reinforced cable connection make it highly durable. Dr. Suni Plus delivers exceptionally high image quality with maximum diagnostic capabilities. It has a megapixel CCD chip consisting of 1.85M pixels ensuring a crystal-clear x-ray optimized for patient diagnosis. “This sensor is an exceptional value for a dentist going digital for the first time as well as for those upgrading older equipment—Dr. Suni Plus,” notes Al Bettencourt. Suni Medical Imaging’s digital sensors are designed, developed, and manufactured right from ISO-certified manufacturing facility in Silicon Valley and sells it transnational.

Digital imaging systems provide easy and convenient patient record storage, remote access of image files, and compatibility with tablets and smartphones. Concomitantly, the firm’s Prof. Suni Software is a linchpin that bridges patient information from a wide variety of patient management software packages to the digital imaging software.

Our team has taken great strides to ensure that everything from the durability to the image quality has been enhanced

This eliminates the additional work of continually entering in patient demographic information (name, SSN, DOB, ID, gender) in various software systems. The software is promulgated as easy-to-use, compendious and feature-rich digital imaging software that integrates with the entire imaging practice. Its array of tailored and image enhancement options aid in the diagnostic process and makes organizing and managing patient files hassle-free. The users can easily open patient’s chart or consultation panel in the patient management software, with a click of a button to capture new images or view existing ones.

The user-friendly image management program—Prof. Suni Software works on all platforms viz, PC and Mac and chiefly enhances the overall clarity and sharpness of the image. Furthermore, with the measuring tool users can measure the anatomies in an image and measure distance in any direction without drilling—horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It appends notes to any image and uses a variety of drawing tools to assist in increasing patient case acceptance. To its credit, Prof. Suni Software is an eminent tool for illustrating bone density loss to help patients gain a clearer understanding of their treatment plans.

Since its establishment in 1995, Suni Medical Imaging has been at the forefront of digital radiography with innovative digital imaging technology. With a robust suite of products— the firm is committed to provide the practitioners with superior digital imaging tools that help maximize their diagnostic capabilities and increase workflow efficiency.