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SuperCoder: Enabling Easy Medical Coding with Online Platform

Jen Godreau,  Director of Development & Operations, SuperCoderJen Godreau, Director of Development & Operations, SuperCoder
Medical coding is the process of reconstruction of descriptions of medical diagnoses and procedures into universal medical code numbers. But the frequency and the complexity of changes has complicated the reconditioning of data, making it difficult to assign proper codes with scant errors. In order to nullify this disadvantage, SuperCoder, a division of the Coding Institute, offers an online platform where coders, billers, managers, physicians, and healthcare administrators in both facility/physician premises can connect with a comprehensive suite of medical coding tools and available expert guidance. Jen Godreau, Director of Development and Operations at SuperCoder says, “Consumers are increasingly demanding a more updated solution where they can fulfil all their needs for compliance reference and analysis.” Jen further states, “SuperCoder has created products that fit in the cloud-based trend, which can easily provide information to practices’ management, billing and record systems.”

SuperCoder’s products are continually enhanced to meet the changing preferences of customers. The company’s BoneCoder10—a compliance software that helps doctors and coders by allocating the ICD10 guidelines, code combinations, and documentation tips, along with providing a semantic search in the same place, increasing efficiency and speeding cash flow. BoneCoder10 integrates with an Electronic Health Record (EHR) offering complete interoperability.’s Policies and Procedures—a web-based compliance plan and implementation wizard—takes less time and includes more data for people and professionals to put compliance in practice, avoiding increasing penalties for non-compliance.

In addition, SuperCoder also has two different solutions. The first one is an ICD10 e-learning course, a compliance solution helping medical practices keep themselves updated on ICD10 with online presentations, walk-through examples, and documentation tips. The other is Batch Scrubber, which offers clients dashboards of claims compliance risks and allows clients to adjust those claims, reducing denials and speeding cash flow.

“Many insurers and EHRs are using the compliance solution which links code errors to regulations and analysis as their back end system using Application Program Interface (API),” says Jen. Furthermore, SuperCoder also publishes more than 30 monthly coding and compliance newsletters dealing specifically with Medicare regulations and how they specifically apply to specialties ranging from Anaesthesia to Urology Coding Alerts. “The specialty focus helps customers quickly understand how regulations impact their business,” Jen says.

We have created products that fit in the cloud-based trend, which can easily provide information to practices’ management, billing and record systems

SuperCoder has helped several healthcare organizations deal with compliance issues, correcting them to the organizations’ benefit. Proliance Surgeons, one of the largest surgical practices in the country, faced problems in their compliance regulations and implementations. SuperCoder found that the reason was an extreme abundance of rules and regulations, which made it difficult for the coders, auditors, and physicians to understand correct compliance regulations. SuperCoder’s solutions helped Proliance realize the significance of proper adherence to regulations and corrected their entire coding process for claims submitted to insurances.

SuperCoder has industry experts in coding and compliance who provide practical, easy-to-understand analyses on all kinds of platforms where customers search for data. “We have national leaders who continuously improve the information to be foundation-intensive and according to compliant rules,” says Jen.

Talking about the future, Jen explains, “ICD10 compliance is an evergreen topic. People are going to need it and have to be trained on that. It is a large area that SuperCoder is involved in—the whole compliant system. Our newest offering from, the GoldStar 4.0 certification program for healthcare organizations, is on our roadmap.” Jen also adds that, “We believe in fail early and fail often, in experimenting and figuring what customers want and how to get them that. SuperCoder has and will always be driven by innovation.”