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symplr: Web-based Service Applications for Credentialing and Compliance

Rick Pleczko, President, symplrRick Pleczko, President, symplr
Credentialing and compliance are two quality assurances that the healthcare industry needs to adopt. This ensures that the core components within the industry like staff, nurses, and vendors are qualified enough to be a part of their organizations. Based in Houston, symplr offers easy-to-implement compliance and credentialing solutions and services for the healthcare industry. “At symplr, our aim is to make credentialing the simplest part of your business,” says Rick Pleczko, President and CEO, symplr.

symplr provides solutions to manage nurses and staff, and payors as well as for accurate reporting of the events within the workflow of healthcare industry. The team of experienced research experts at symplr ensures the security of the organization by regular verification of documentation and credentials. symplr assists a healthcare organization in managing its entire work process of medical staff from a single web-based software as service application. Pleczko says, “More resources can be focused on patient needs as our compliance and credentialing solutions cut through the complicated process.”

The symplr’s vendor credentialing allows a healthcare organization to analyze its vendors’ current status through a web-based real-time administrative interface. The vendors are also able to align different demands of each department within the healthcare organizations. The whole credentialing system involves an annual background check of the vendor representatives and their company. The review and decisions on the appointment of providers are stored online, done virtually by the committee members. symplr’s provider credentialing solution enables to quickly access, and review the credentials uploaded by their providers.

It’s important to get providers enrolled with a proper health plan as Payors play a critical role in protecting and growing the revenue.With symplr’s payor enrollment, the providers can be easily enrolled for a health plan.

The firm’s services ensure that the applications are received, processed as well as checked for necessary requirements to resolve any issues that could delay provider’s reimbursements. The event reporting software from symplr helps in reducing risk and improving patient safety through its automated reporting process. The staff, patient, visitor or any personnel can report an incident within the industry’s workflow at an instant.

More resources can be focused on patient needs as our compliance and credentialing solutions cut through the complicated process

The core employees, staff and nurses credentialing is done through their spe¬cialized solutions which includes a central repository for finger tip access to all the re¬quired documents. The staff credentialing solution includes background checks, job his¬tory, drug screening, and immunization verifica¬tion, making it easy to identify and fix any potential compliance risks.

The infection control credentialing by symplr provides training to the organization’s responders and medical staff, related to outbreak of major diseases. In order to protect the healthcare organization from costly lawsuits and patients against inadequate care, it becomes important for the healthcare industry to demonstrate compliance to its policies and requirements.

Additionally, symplr is partnered with CG Environment, a company that provides hazardous material cleanup and emergency responses, to develop programs related to delivering the information, training, and compliance management regarding Ebola and other serious infectious diseases. symplr maintains the overall information of the staff who attends the training, monitors the expiration, and schedules re-training when needed. The firm also alerts its client for ongoing compliance adherence by regular alerts and automated results.

The firm looks ahead to simplify and fasten the process of credentialing of all the aspects within the healthcare industry. symplr through its compliance solutions aims to save time and budget expenses, strictly adhering to government regulations.