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The transition of blood cell analysis, from labor-intensive manual procedures to the current fully automated clinical workflows, is credited to innovations such as haematology analyzers. The merit of such innovations—as demonstrated by Sysmex— has enabled medical professionals to carry out testing procedures and diagnosis workflows with greater ease and efficiency. Sysmex has long-standing excellence of 50 years in the healthcare industry as a producer of the highest-quality healthcare products such as medical analytical devices.

Be it a high-throughput routine lab in need of total automation or a research lab with low sample numbers, Sysmex’s solutions are tailored to client needs with noteworthy features such as modularity, scalability, and intelligent analytics. The corporation has paved the way for the creation of a more holistic and intuitive ecosystem that advances veterinary laboratory analysis and testing procedures. “The professionals at Sysmex are at the centre of every instrument they develop. We design instruments to make our clients’ lives easier, ensuring the user interface is extremely intuitive,” notes Dr. Beatriz Romano, Marketing Manager Veterinary Haematology at Sysmex.

At the core of this holistic and intuitive ecosystem is the Sysmex veterinary analyzer portfolio that offers diagnostic and research capabilities previously only available to large laboratories. From counting to smearing, staining, and observing animal blood cells, the corporation not only facilitates the entire workflow of a sample in laboratories but also improves upon it with relevant technological innovations.

The organization’s XN-V veterinary haematology analyzers are expanding haematology with advanced cell analysis to fulfil other firms’ research laboratory demands. The XN-V Series includes three instruments, the XN-1000V, XN-2000V, and XN- 1500V, which can provide far-reaching information for clinicians and primary investigators, resulting in increased safety, quality, and insights. The series enables laboratories to explore new testing protocols that lead to undiscovered scientific breakthroughs.

On that note, Sysmex’s customers could include veterinary laboratories, universities, bioresearch, or pharmaceutical companies, all of whom may deal with various species and clinical objectives. The pet market or the veterinary clinics mainly deal with dogs, cats, and horses. Addressing each appropriate need, Sysmex seeks to deliver highly adaptable solutions for all of these species, as well as a dependable and robust framework that enables clients to measure samples quickly and accurately.

  • The professionals at Sysmex are at the centre of every instrument they develop. We design instruments to make our clients’ lives easier, ensuring the user interface is extremely intuitive

Further illustrating the company’s core competencies, Dr. Romano shares an instance of an ongoing project which is assessing the usefulness of the reticulocyte maturity parameters obtained with the Sysmex XN-V analyzer. The University of Córdoba established the reference range for these values in healthy canines. Utilizing samples from 153 anemic canines, the research team developed a diagram based on reticulocyte parameters from the Sysmex XN-V, which enables the classification of different types of anemia. Therefore, it is possible to go beyond whether a canine simply is anemic, but also which type of anemia they are suffering from. In this continued effort, the system also monitors if the treatment is effective without the need to wait until the dog feels better.

Building on these laurels, Dr. Romano aims to expand and develop an algorithm for avian species, a step towards further excellence in veterinary haematology.

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Jana Stark, Team Leader Marketing Haematology, Sysmex

Sysmex has a decades-long legacy of elevating the haematology laboratory. Today, the organization has moved beyond to create a more holistic and intuitive ecosystem that advances the veterinarylab. Traditionally, the focus of the company has been on medical analytical devices and IT solutions for the lab sector around the world – with haematology, coagulation and urinalysis. Sysmex is known for driving progress, innovation, and delivering excellent quality.