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TBS Dental: Revolutionizing the Dental Industry with Solution- Based Products

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Haseeb Sajid, CEO, TBS DentalHaseeb Sajid, CEO, TBS Dental
Dental surgical instruments are a mainstay of diagnosing and treating patients. They include tools that can examine, manipulate, treat, restore, or remove teeth and care for its surrounding oral structure. Alas, these instruments have not seen any significant updates to their original design, and so retain several limitations that have existed since their conception. For instance, most standard dental instruments used for extraction today, can still chip teeth during their operation and harm the adjoining tissue.

TBS Dentals’ cutting-edge dental instruments address such drawbacks and improve efficiency and comfort during surgical procedures. The tools are designed with perfect dental ergonomics to grip any tooth perfectly, allowing dentists to get a better angle and reach. Compared to conventional tools, there is minimal tooth fracture and tissue damage risk.

TBS' most popular solution is a kit with all required instruments for most procedures included in one cassette. Dentists can save significant time when it comes to selecting tools. The Company’smost innovative product is the FRINGS forceps, the world's first forceps with a built-in spring. For the first time in 170 years, standard forceps have been revolutionized with patented, auto-retractable technology. FRINGS forceps allow dentists to better control and maneuver the forceps, providing more comfort and a better patient experience. Another popular product is a highly safe scalpel handle that self-ejects the blade. All of TBS's forceps have tooth numbers indicated on their sides, which addresses one of the greatest challenges and makes it simple for assistants to quickly and easily identify them.

Haseeb further explains how the company developed the perforated mold. Dr. Isaac Tawil has provided tremendous value to the company with his contributions to developing and designing numerous instruments. For instance, he perforated a mold so that when suction is applied, bone graphs are left intact. This inspired TBS to develop one of their most popular instruments.
  • At TBS, we're passionate about what we do. We hold that very close because everything we do has a purpose, be it development, selling, shipping or customer support

Additionally, TBS’ robust KOL network and R&D enable them to collect valuable information. At the same time, the company’s keen eye on the design and manufacturing process helps them innovate the next generation of dentistry equipment. The process starts with creating prototypes that dentists can test during surgical procedures. The dentists on TBS’ team are progressive and determined to assist the company in producing efficient solutions for those long-unaddressed issues. TBS controls the entire process, from testing to selling the product and providing customer service. This has been a game-changer, making them a stand-out in the market.

TBS’ also places strong emphasis on customer experience. It works closely with customers and strives to evolve to serve them better. As a result, they're always available for customers to address issues if they're facing any.

"At TBS, we're passionate about what we do. We hold that very close because everything we do has a purpose, be it development, selling, shipping or customer support," says Haseeb Sajid, CEO, TBS Dental

Fueled by the recognition and appreciation from the customers and partners for their innovation and passion in the surgical space, TBS looks forward to revolutionizing the hygiene instrumentation.

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TBS Dental

TBS Dental

New York , NY

Haseeb Sajid, CEO , TBS Dental

TBS Dental was established in 1992 as a manufacturer of traditional dental supplies. Haseeb Sajid Malik, CEO and Hassan Malik, President, took over the reins of their family business and brought a fresh and revolutionary mindset. Today, TBS is a solution-based company that develops unique clinical instrumentation.