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TechVedika: AI, Machine Learning, Cloud to Aid Medical Image Analysis

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Sai Sangineni, Founder & CEO, TechVedikaSai Sangineni, Founder & CEO, TechVedika
The human-machine interaction paradigm is shifting. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and cloud technologies is expanding the reach in the Healthcare space, with interventions shifting from passive to active. Imagine a powerful, pre-learned machine that can assist a doctor in, e.g.,reading x-rays and CT scan images, anywhere, anytime. By leveraging the potential of AI and ML powered systems medical practitioners can serve their patients better. California-based TechVedika offers this technical advantage to doctors and other healthcare personnel. “We specialize in ‘humanized’ AI and Machine Learning (ML) making their potential benefits available to humanity, helping people stay healthy longer; thereby aiding the mission to improve quality of human life. We strive for simple, elegant tech solutions in response to complex tasks,” says Sai Sangineni, Founder and CEO of TechVedika.

Decisions made by medical practitioners are often found lacking due to the challenges associated with manual medical image (scans, x-rays, etc.) reading. For instance, doctors need to identify the level of heart function and volume of blood pumped to prescribe an accurate treatment option. Physicians carry this out manually (often taking as much as 30 minutes) by physically reading medical image, despite their limited efficacy to read these images minutely and deduce specific, detailed information. To mitigate these setbacks, TechVedika has created robust platforms for medical imaging, which bring efficiency and consistency in reading and analyzing cardiovascular images, chest images, X-rays, diabetic retinopathy and fertility diagnoses. These pre-trained, easily accessible platforms with self-tuning potential help doctors deliver peerless service to their patients.

One such platform, HeartBeat CVI, is TechVedika’s flagship medical imaging platform: a collation of numerous tools. One among them is an AI-Powered Cardiovascular MRI Analysis Tool, which helps in reading and analyzing MRI images. The tool assesses full ventricular functions, calculates the 28 ventricular functional parameters, and separates out the short axis digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOMS).

We specialize in AI and Machine Learning and drive to make them available for humanity, aiding the mission to offer a healthy life for the public. We strive for simple, elegant tech solutions in response to complex tasks

On detecting motion, the system learns from it, to add more precision into its analytics capability, using automatic Deep Learning and Active-Learning based contour detection, to calculate the ventricular functional parameters—quantifying the volume of blood pumped to identify the presence of dead cells on the heart walls…all this in less than 2 minutes with over 99% accuracy (contrast this with over 30 minutes and less than 70% accuracy taken by the physician earlier and the benefits get clearly visible).

The AI-powered ‘Computer Assisted Semen Analysis’ (CASA) is another of TechVedika’s healthcare platforms. It accurately assesses sperm quality, movement, and generates reports, without human intervention. The firm has also developed a mobile app for detecting Diabetes Retinopathy with an AI and machine learning powered smartphone camera. This not only eliminates the need for high-end equipment, significantly reduces time-to-diagnosis and helps doctors take data-driven decisions. It enables taking quality healthcare to the villages where it is often most needed but not usually available.

TechVedika focuses on developing platforms that are scalable and flexible, considering the ever-evolving needs of users. They offer powerful and easily adaptable platforms by using high-end computational power, which enables it to read and analyze input data / images quickly. This cloud-enabled platform respects patients’ privacy and offers a secure delivery model. TechVedika effectuates this with the powerful combination of data scientists, consulting doctors, cardiologists, and the firm’s expertise in software development.

Impressed by TechVedika’s value proposition, several cardiologists in India who use manual image analysis collaborated with the firm and successfully revolutionized the way they make medical decisions. The company had already joined hands with several large hospitals in Vellore and Hyderabad (Indian cities), the latter being the host to TechVedika’s latest ambulance grade medical taxi service. Envisioning the future, the firm is extending their platform to multiple biomedical tests. The company is rolling out plans to materialize their expertise to reach out to patients and make data more easily accessible by identifying the scope in the telemedicine space. TechVedika is also planning to bring in the potential of IoT devices into the healthcare space with the help of physical cameras, to monitor patients and alert medical practitioners in cases of emergency. “Our future goal is to reach out to the maximum number of patients and offer them the best medical care, especially in the Asia-Pacific region,” concludes Sangineni.

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Sai Sangineni, Founder & CEO, TechVedika

TechVedika specializes in bringing AI and machine learning into the healthcare realm to offer a technical advantage for medical practitioners to read medical images. The firm delivers a robust platform for medical imaging, which brings in efficiency and consistency in reading and analyzing cardiovascular images, other chest images, and X-rays. This pre-trained, easily accessible platform with self-tuning potential helps doctors to deliver peerless service to their patients. When it comes to developing the platform, TechVedika focuses on making it scalable and flexible, considering the ever-evolving desire of users. The firm made their offering powerful and easily adaptable by using high-end computational power