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Teladoc [NYSE: TDOC]: Affordable Healthcare at Anyplace

Jason Gorevic, CEO , TeladocJason Gorevic, CEO , Teladoc
Today, telemedicine has become one of the standard medical practices that are being widely used by patients across the globe. The growth rate for telehealth adoption shows an astounding development, with recent research statistics forecasting the U.S. Telehealth market to touch $1.9 billion by 2018. With the growth of convenience, innovation and need for more personalized healthcare, Lewisville-based Teladoc [NYSE: TDOC], offers health care anytime, from any mobile device or through internet, video and phone. “Hitting our 1 millionth visit underscores the growing adoption and utilization of telehealth services across the country,” says Jason Gorevic, CEO, Teladoc.

The firm’s achievement also reflects the amount of confidence the employers, members, physicians and hospital systems have with Teladoc’s widely appreciated ability to provide quality health care where and when people need it the most.

Teladoc offers a plethora of telehealth solutions to its clients according to their choice and flexibility. With access to board-certified, state-licensed physicians 24 hours a day for non-emergency medical issues like allergies, bronchitis, pink eye and lot more, the solutions are provided through an audio-video technology for medical advice, diagnosis and basic prescription medications. Providing access to more than 2,650 board-certified, state licensed physicians and behavioral health professionals, the physicians on Teladoc have an average of more than 20 years of experience in specialized care. The company’s product suite offers a host of services provided under categories such as general health, behavioral health, dermatology and tobacco cessation.

Teladoc’s services are provided to employees as a benefit and the services extend to health insurance and other organizations as well.

Hitting our 1 millionth visit underscores the growing adoption and utilization of telehealth services across the country

The organization provides services to employers, health plans, brokers, consultants, public, labor and education, channel partners, associations and health systems.

Teladoc has over 6000 clients and over 12 million members and in such instance where the company’s work was largely appreciated is with EMC—widely recognized for adopting new technologies and care models for its employees and their families. Teladoc enabled EMC workforce to consult with best physicians offering worthy and cost effective care. The company used strategies like setting up corporate awareness campaigns, with the approach also including self-insured, fully insured and non-enrolled members and many more. This initiative by Teladoc helped EMC save millions with providing convenient and effective care to its employees. Another instance was at Golden Living, a post acute health firm where Teladoc’s services were hugely applauded. The client needed a way out to cut down on their rising health insurance cost. The deployment of Teladoc’s services helped them to redirect urgent care over-utilization and make it an affordable option along with saving huge amount of money.

Over the years, Teladoc with its physicians was able to showcase more than 95 percent fulfillment rate. The company takes the primary position to be certified by the National Committee for quality assurance for its physician credential process. On the innovation front, the company’s expansion plans are centered on making their services like the behavioral health, and dermatology better and adding much more features on the platform which supports mobile apps, biometric devices and at-home testing. Teladoc also intends to venture past acute care visits; to give a hand to health systems and health care providers to cost effectively manage their services.