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Telahealth Consultants: Innovating Access To Affordable Healthcare

Dr. Clive Fowler, CEO/Managing Partner, Telahealth ConsultantsDr. Clive Fowler, CEO/Managing Partner, Telahealth Consultants “If you get a helping hand, pass it on!” begins Dr. Clive Fowler, CEO/Managing Partner of Telahealth Consultants™ (THC™). “When people receive an act of kindness, they pay it back; not just to the same person, but often to someone entirely new.” (“Don’t Underestimate the Power of Kindness at Work”) This holds true especially in an organizational milieu where the trigger leads to a culture of generosity, which then bleeds into the society at large, creating a spill over effect.

Dr. Fowler has always been sensitive to the needs of the people around him. Having seen healthcare inequities and the disturbing increase in healthcare costs at close quarters, his career path was shaped by a strong determination to change the landscape—a path that led him to establish Telahealth Consultants™.

THC™ and its affiliates offer a portfolio of virtual healthcare services covering 24/7/365 telemedicine, physical clinic visits, behavioural health, full formulary prescriptions, labs, wellness, bill negotiations and much more. The company’s carefully curated website and mobile app help members easily navigate and maximize healthcare services. It allows members to find qualified physicians, access labs, compare prescriptions, and or talk to a behavioural health counselor with ease.

THC’s full-service suite of virtual healthcare benefits is a response to reduce the strain on the health care system. “Spending years in the health and life insurance benefit space, I noticed that non-emergent healthcare programs can complement health insurance policies to make them more viable,” explains Dr. Fowler. “Offering non-emergent care as a preventative measure not only empowered members to take control of their healthcare but also ensured that policy-holders remain healthy to stay on a policy longer and that the insurance is never used unless for hospitalization,” he adds.

A One-Shot-Pill to Virtual Care

Witnessing the increased number of Americans disenfranchised by the pandemic, THC™ formulated a “one shot pill” that covers an entire immediate family for one flat price and provide access to multiple facets of virtual care. “Our programs come with no hidden fees and can be accessed directly from your phone app or member portal via your computer,” chimes in Dr. Fowler. THC™ offers virtual healthcare plans for individuals and families but customizes virtual healthcare benefits for groups such as colleges, businesses, non-profits, associations, municipalities, unions, and faith-based organizations of all sizes.

To provide members with access to affordable healthcare, THC and its affiliates has tie-ups with over 5,000 labs and 7,000 clinics across the country, including CVS, LabCorp and Quest. The firm offers several prescription programs with the most commonly prescribed generic medications at zero cost to all members when prescribed by a Telahealth physician.

The pillars that elevate any healthcare provider outcomes are the transparency and trust in the patient-physician relationship and the overall system. Validating this prerequisite is Telahealth Consultants™ Medical Pricing tool that allows members to conveniently source qualified physicians, view medical procedure fair pricing information, and compare it in various geographic areas to choose affordable care in a convenient location.

In addition, their Medical Second Opinions’ (MSOs) services offer in-depth independent assessments that confirm or modify major health diagnoses, provide treatment recommendations to confirm and or alleviate THC™ members’ concerns. This is to ensure that the diagnosis is correct and that the recommended treatment plan is optimal for the members. (MSO is a group benefit only and is not available to individuals or families not associated with a group).

As a minority-based company, TelaHealth Consultants™ has brought their inclusivity to the company’s culture by expanding their services to marginalized communities across the country. “The Pandemic has created a lot of care deserts within the country and is most evident in rural and marginalized communities such as the economically challenged, the immigrant communities, part-time employees and even the LGBTQ community to name a few,” says Dr. Fowler.

The end-to-end attention towards customer-centricity has seen THC™ and its affiliates emerge as the only national and fastest growing retail provider to offer virtual healthcare benefits not only to groups but standalone direct-to-consumer programs without the requirement of health insurance. A single individual or family can get an all-inclusive virtual healthcare plan that supports non-emergent issues that do not require hospitalization. THC also offers medical bill negotiations starting at $750 and above. For a FICO score of 620 or better, medical bill financing can be arranged, when necessary, with interest rates as low as 6 percent, to safeguard against someone becoming bankrupt. Also, each member gets a medical ID wallet for storing benefit information like insurance cards, vaccination records, travel insurance, and more in case of an emergency where medical information is mandatory. Furthermore, the members can avail the services of the Electronic Medical Records Portal, where information like test results, medications or surgery can be accessed within 48 hours after signing a permission affidavit.

As a solution for crippling drug prices, THC™ has a range of options, members can get up to 400 generic medications for as little as $5 or less. They can also access a Patient Assistance Programs (PAP), which allows members to get their specialty medications, high-cost drugs, tier three, and tier four medications deeply discounted. The company can also source medications through international pharmacy affiliations to provide more cost-effective solutions for members.

The All-Encompassing Telehealth Services

To improve the mental and emotional wellness of the population, THC™ offers Free 50-minute behavioural health counselling sessions to entire immediate families. (Free sessions are limited to two per immediate family member). Their Wellness Coaching service offers smoking cessation, nutrition, and overall lifestyle improvements, while Sleep and Stress Management is also offered in a six-week online course.

It is run by The Cleveland Clinic that monitors sleep and recommends relaxation techniques to help reduce stress with real-life strategies.

“As a testament to our all-inclusive care benefits we acknowledge the fact that there is a large group of immigrant population working towards citizenship who are already contributing tremendously to the economy. Our virtual healthcare platform gives the immigrant communities and part-time employees, who work less than 30 hours, access to benefits that are usually denied by other providers,” says Dr. Fowler.

The Road to a Healthier Community

With one of the fastest growing networks of telemedicine physicians in the nation, TelaHealth Consultants™, in the coming years, wants to focus on improving virtual primary care where the individual can establish a relationship and rapport with a primary care doctor and may soon be able to offer flat rate ground and air ambulance services to their members as well. Expanding on the company’s community serving culture, THC™ also wants to upgrade their platform for collaboration with other organizations like colleges / universities, non-profits, unions, chambers of commerce, associations, or even houses of worship wanting to secure their members with a resource that allows them to stay safe and have access to medical services at the ready.

  • Our Virtual Healthcare Platform Gives Marginalized Communities Such As The Economically Challenged, Immigrants, Lgbtq And Part-Time Employees, Who Work Less Than 30 Hours, Access To Benefits That Are Usually Denied By Other Providers

Years into the business, TelaHealth Consultants™ continues to improve the technological aspect of their programs to handle larger loads and give the members more interactive access. The company understands the value of customer service and quality care, and Dr. Fowler’s ventures reflect his passion for giving back to the community and encouraging people to make better decisions—evident in THC’S vision statement as well. “I aspire to see our company grow to the point where it becomes a publicly owned and traded company where the members who have received aid from TelaHealth Consultants™ gets to own a piece of the company and are able to pass that hand to the next person that needs help,” says Dr. Fowler.
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Telahealth Consultants

Telahealth Consultants

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Dr. Clive Fowler, CEO/Managing Partner , Telahealth Consultants

Telahealth Consultants™ is an innovative website and mobile app that helps individuals and groups easily navigate and maximize healthcare services. Identify qualified physicians, access labs, compare prescriptions, talk to a behaviouralhealth counsellor,and negotiate medical bills with ease.