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TeleMedic Systems: Delivering Better Remote Care

Gerry Buss,  President, TeleMedic SystemsGerry Buss, President, TeleMedic Systems
The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on the healthcare sector, to respond to this crisis telemedicine has gained traction in helping hospitals cope with the sudden surge in inpatient volumes. Healthcare organizations are reducing the on-site patient visits and turning to remote monitoring solutions as a way to deliver effective consultations and care. Although telehealth technologies have significant benefits, there are a few factors that are hindering its universal adoption. For starters, many older adult patients find using technology solutions confusing to interact with. There are also simpler aspects like turning devices off to save power or the cost of service, an entirely different aspect that can disrupt effective monitoring.

With a mission to deliver a world-class remote medical solution, Washingtonbased TeleMedic Systems LLC has developed VitalLink3, an innovative, lightweight, and durable telemedicine system. “The VitalLink3 connects to a suite of hospital grade medical devices, creating a monitoring environment with minimal patient-technology interactions,” says Gerry Buss, President of TeleMedic Systems.

In 2008, leveraging experience gained from the VitalLink 1200 deployment, the company introduced the VitalLink3 as a bridge between medical devices and IT/ communications systems. The VitalLinkTM System consists of the VitalLink3 and medical parameters appropriate for the use case; options include blood pressure, temperature, 6 or 12-lead EKG/ ECG, SPO2 as well as a blood glucose monitor, spirometry, weight scales and a stethoscope.

TeleMedic Systems’ VitalLink3 encrypts the data collected from the medical parameters and sends it over the Internet in a secure stream to the VitalNet server network from where authorized medical professionals can access and view the patient information in real time from any location on the globe that has an internet connection. The medical team can then upload the data into an electronic patient record.

“The VitalLinkTM and VitalNet seamlessly collects data to improve efficiency and shares critical health information with doctors in real-time to drive timely care delivery,” explains Buss.

The VitalLinkTM System seamlessly connects with the medical devices around a patient, minimizing the need for interacting with the monitoring technology

The VitalNet enables remote medical support allowing local resources to be focused on critical patient care. This scenario has occurred during the pandemic with doctors in the USA supporting patients in other regions of the globe. The importance of this capability could be critical in future largescale disaster response. Search and rescue teams can be flown into the region supported by a medical team at home, mitigating communications challenges.

Discussing the idea behind the development of TeleMedic Systems’ products, Buss notes the significance of building a solution based on real-world scenarios. Offering a choice of medical parameters, the VitalLinkTM system can be configured to support in-home monitoring with a weight scale; however, for search and rescue support 6-lead EKG can be chosen instead. The intent is to put the right tools into the hands of the medical professionals so that with the additional information provided by technology they can provide better care and potentially save costs as well.

Over the past decade, the company has participated in several assisted living studies in the U.K and EU. Coupled with inhouse research the results define the development requirements for the fourth generation of its VitalLinkTM family of medical monitoring solutions. Looking ahead, the company aims to start field trials of the VitalLink4 within the coming 6 months and help healthcare organizations cope with their increasing home stay / remote patient volumes in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

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TeleMedic Systems

Newcastle, WA

Gerry Buss, President, TeleMedic Systems

Offers a simple, easy to use medically approved VitalLink as a link between medical devices and IT / communications systems to drive real-time telemedicine