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Therapy Partner: Industry Specific Practice Management Solution

Dr. Jessica A. Dolgan, CEO, Therapy PartnerDr. Jessica A. Dolgan, CEO, Therapy Partner
The healthcare IT landscape is rapidly changing, especially the mid-sized business market which has been largely overlooked. Comprehensive practice management solutions are entering the marketplace, largely driven by the demand placed on the healthcare industry to assist doctors providing recurrent care in outpatient settings. The evolving fields of psychiatry and psychology have required clinicians to seek fluid technology that automates work flow and revenue cycle processes. Additionally, the public’s interest in the mind-body connection and awareness of mental health concerns are creating an industry demand for treatment in a progressive environment which utilizes the most cutting edge technology.

More doctors are embracing technology and progressive business practices to provide the best care to patients while setting an excellent professional precedent. Doctors are looking for advanced technology, education and guidance to help them streamline business operations, increase security and decrease overall liability. This creates a strong demand for products which manage work flow processes and revenue cycles, provide technology training, customizable platforms, education and personalized support to doctors in private practice.

Therapy Partner, a Denver based software company, has answered this call by launching a practice management solution which provides end-to-end technology for psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in private practice. The progressive technology provides a 1:5 performance ratio; automating and streamlining five critical business of practice tasks which reduce redundancy and help clinicians to simplify, stabilize and grow their practices.

Dr. Jessica Dolgan, CEO of Therapy Partner and Licensed Clinical Psychologist notes, “Our company mission is to empower those that have dedicated their lives to helping others. Doctors are small business owners and practice management with robust security ultimately impacts patient care.” The simple, user friendly technology manages any size private practice and allows scheduling of multiple providers, locations and rooms.

Our clinicians increase revenue 20 percent within the first year of adopting the technology

The system is intuitively driven around patient preferences and securely stored healthcare and financial data. The “Quick-Bill” feature automates scheduled appointments from the calendar to the billing interface, allowing an entire clinical day or week to be billed with one click. Patients may store multiple forms of payment on file and receive detailed, insurance-ready automated encrypted statements; doctors then enter progress notes and the entire revenue cycle is seamlessly managed and tracked.

“Technology is being embraced by this industry at record levels; mental health professionals need software that eliminates redundancy, quickly and efficiently utilizes patient data and preferences and provides them with the business of practice education and support they need to succeed in practice,” says Dr. Dolgan. The application has deployed the most advanced network architecture, including progressive hardware and software intrusion detection systems. Therapy Partner is HIPAA, PCI and HITECH compliant; it’s off-site encrypted data backup prevents data loss.

When asked what sets Therapy Partner apart, Dr. Dolgan replied, “Doctors, like all customers want to be understood; we want technology, education, and support that is geared toward us. Our customers tell us that the free business of practice education, in combination with our progressive technology and personalized support is what helps them thrive in business. Our clinicians increase revenue 20 percent within the first year of adopting the technology. This entire philosophy, not just our technology, is what encourages them to refer colleagues.”

“Simply put, we believe that technology must be combined with industry education and old fashioned personalized support,” says Dr. Dolgan. “Ultimately we are committed to thoughtfully evolving our technology by generating solutions that benefit both patient and clinician; working toward a single end-to-end solution that is architected to help doctors thrive and focus on patient care.”