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Third Rock: Comprehensive Solution for Worryfree Compliance

Though Medicare and Medicaid programs provide good healthcare benefits, with the increasing patient information, healthcare providers are burdened with the task of securing the information from risks of fraudulent activities. “However, HIPAA and HITECH set the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. But, organizations in the healthcare sector need to understand how it can be implemented in their institutions,” says Robert Felps, CEO and VP of Business Development, Third Rock. With headquarters in Round Rock, TX, Third Rock focuses on improving operational performance through effective and efficient compliance programs. Having decades of security and enterprise experience, the company offers streamlined, affordable HIPAA/ HITECH compliance solutions. The company aims to understand their client needs and manage the risks involved, helping them stay compliant and re-mediating the identified risks. “Effective compliance is not only the ability to have government compliance strategy in place, but also to be able to manage risks and potential violations, while having a process and a place for resolution and fine-tuning,” notes Felps.

Effective compliance is not only the ability to have government compliance strategy in place, but also to be able to manage risks and potential violations

Data breaches in healthcare have occurred due to lack of governance and maintenance of secure firewall and network configuration, leading to compliance issues. Third Rock’s solution for worry-free compliance equips organizations with solutions such as risk assessment, diy risk assessment, and compliance dashboard to meet existing HIPAA/HITECH guidelines. Its continuous network security monitoring spots minimizes and averts cyber breaches, improving confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Protected Health Information (PHI), while reducing potential federal and state penalties.
The solution also provides a secure, automated, verified and encrypted email option to send patient data through emails. The dashboard status with detailed report is easy to understand and another added advantage.

While the company focuses on compliance and security, importance is also given to audits, which are regularly conducted by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). Third Rock has proven experience in simplifying healthcare organizations’ processes of HIPAA IT audit certification through its audit solution, Third Rock Assurance.

The solution enables IT staff to easily implement and maintain HIPAA and HITECH guidelines. Being an intelligent design, the auto¬mated solution reduces the workforce and cost, vital to achieve and maintain ongoing HIPAA compliance. The solution also monitors systems detecting and altering any unauthorized changes, along with generating historical HIPAA compliance reports.

Third Rock understands a disaster recovery system is essential, apart from an organization being compliant and fulfilling audit requirements. The company takes a complete look at business critical systems to discover what risks exist and how they would impact the business. Third Rock’s architects, using their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution, guide their clients through the process of building the best plan to fulfill requirements. They use best practices, apply them to their businesses’ unique environment, and keep them well prepared for any disaster.

The company continues to work with more healthcare providers eliminating confusion about HIPAA/ HITECH requirements. They have also protected their clients against HIPAA non-compliance fines, lawsuits, resulting from stolen patient data, negative social media, costly breach remedies, and expensive audit fines. Working along with various clients, Third Rock continues to provide HIPAA training to improve organizations’ understanding about medical programs, specific job responsibilities, and the importance of enforcement of policies and procedures.