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Tips Salud: Revitalizing Healthcare through Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Cecilia Camillucci, CEO, Tips SaludCecilia Camillucci, CEO, Tips Salud Advances in healthcare, particularly those orchestrated by the government, have taken a backseat in Latin American and Caribbean regions due to the historical socio-economic concerns affecting these areas. The year 2022, however, promises to usher in an era of renaissance, backed by meritorious efforts in healthcare academia. For instance, universities filled with some of the brightest minds and dedicated healthcare IT (HIT) professionals have been working tirelessly toward raising the standard of medical care throughout the region. Healthcare experts—from respected organizations such as Tips Salud—are revitalizing patient care avenues by implementing cutting-edge technologies across hospitals and medical institutions.

A Córdoba-based organization and one among the leaders of this holistic mission, Tips Salud has made notable strides in helping public and private medical societies alike with its superior expertise in information and communication technology (ICT). The company solely specializes in developing the most comprehensive and affordable healthcare information system (HIS) solutions that cater to the multi-fold and individualistic needs of hospitals and clinics scattered across the Latin American region.

For, and by, Healthcare Specialists

Tips Salud was created through the collective efforts of the ICT department within the Private University Hospital of Córdoba that belongs to the Private Hospital Group; the hospital group garners strong, profound connections with the Instituto Universitario de Ciencias Biomédicas de Córdoba (IUCBC) among many other institutions. As a result, the company has nurtured a highly competent team of experts from various domains to design a HIS product that simplifies a health system’s administrative and communication workflows while making room for the adoption of innovations flexibly. More importantly, the benefits of being borne out of a highly complex, fully-computerized university hospital have so far been very apparent in the company’s growth. “All these factors prove to be a great source of knowledge that help improve the solution constantly, coupled with the interactions with healthcare institutions in nearby countries,” expresses Cecilia Camillucci, CEO of Tips Salud.

We have people who can anticipate the problems clients might or will face and can help to find concrete solutions to overcome the risks and issues

From a healthcare IT standpoint, Tips Salud maintains a comprehensive understanding of the region’s technological, logistical, and economic hurdles; It thus possessed the hindsight to build a solution that seamlessly integrates with a myriad of electronic healthcare records (EHR) utilized by various hospitals. In doing so, the company developed and rolled out HIS INNOVA: a comprehensive ICT solution that empowers healthcare organizations to improve overall patient care delivery across any given network effortlessly and costeffectively.

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Over the past ten years, Tips Salud has developed highly intuitive knowledge modules within its solutions that are constantly revised, reviewed, and updated by its medical informatics staff. Case in point, the HIS INNOVA product has also scored a level six accreditation on the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) scale curated by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). This achievement alone speaks volumes of the resourcefulness garnered by Tips Salud. “Our main objective is to deliver technology that can be easily incorporated into existing healthcare management systems, bringing a new dimension of support and improving the safety and quality of healthcare,” adds Cecilia.

In light of this, the company leverages very promising and robust artificial intelligence technologies clinical decision support systems, among many other technologies, to enhance its portfolio. Tips Salud dedicated a significant amount of its resources toward the ease of use of the solution, where doctors, nurses, and even patients can use INNOVA easily and benefit from its many offerings.

Drawing attention to the aforementioned modules, the company’s end-to-end solution addresses several existing and anticipated health systems concerns throughout Latin America. One of the key functionalities of the HIS revolves around its ability to effortlessly interoperate and connect EHR systems with a hospital’s ambulatory services and emergency departments, inpatient and surgical units, and home healthcare with telemedicine solutions for video consultations and telemonitoring. Tips Salud simplifies communication between patients and their concerned physicians via an easy-to-use patient portal, which truly helps hospitals improve their patient experience.

Tips Salud’s solution also consists of modules that assist professionals with information systems for every department within a hospital. The solution connects medical devices such as anesthesia equipment, TTEs, EKGs, and X-ray machines together. They interoperate and update relevant information onto the EHR across the hospital network in near real-time. “We provide improved options for nurses and students, where they can better manage their responsibilities and studies as well,” says the CEO.

  • Our main objective is to deliver technology that can be easily incorporated into health assistants, bringing a new dimension of support and improving the safety and quality of healthcare

The company, however, did not stop there. Its staff of incredibly talented and knowledgeable HIT experts built the solution to help public and private healthcare communities bolster their logistics and accounts—like billing, payroll, and revenue cycle management— operations with seamless interoperability amongst a slew of connected devices. “Our solution covers a full healthcare network that supports hospitals within the country, all the while extending the same functionalities to nearby regions,” states Cecilia.

All Good Things Come in Threes

The secret behind Tips Salud’s HIS prowess can be attributed to its three major departments, namely implementation, development, and support. As the titles suggest, the first entity’s objectives are comprised of interacting with customers and thoroughly understanding their challenges. It then detects the specifics of each issue and customizes the solution to address them in a flexible and compatible manner. “The implementation department is formed by professionals of different specializations in a hospital environment. This enables them to speak the same language with a customer with respect to any specialty,” shares Cecilia. The company is thus granted superior credibility in its assessment of the different processes, policies, and procedures within a client’s organization. The department’s next move ensures the elimination of existing challenges while anticipating potential hurdles.

The development department strives toward perfecting the solution for each new customer. It focuses on building the HIS product per a hospital’s or institute’s specific requirements, ensuring it efficiently interoperates with their existing systems. The client’s objectives as a healthcare institute determine how Tips Salud tailors the solution.

Lastly, Tips Salud’s customer support system offers 24/7 assistance, similar to a help desk at the beck and call of each client’s every need. And this service is not restricted to public and private institutions within the country but rather reaches out to neighboring regions where the company’s experts ensure that each issue is carefully recorded and resolved.

The Ideal ICT Partner for Public Health Systems

“Our solution truly understands the institutions around the continent and what they need,” Cecilia adds. Owing to the diverse staff housed within the company, each specialty within a hospital—be it a physician, nurse, technician, engineer, or even a biochemist—is well taken care of with an air of experienced know-how and domain expertise. “We have people who can anticipate the problems clients might or will face and can help to find concrete solutions to overcome the risks and issues,” says a confident Cecilia. Additionally, the CEO emphasizes that INNOVA was developed specifically for the Latin American marketplace and is built to be sold as a SaaS or open licensed offering.

To further elaborate on Tips Salud’s capabilities, the following case study of Hospital Privado Universitario de Córdoba (HPUC) showcases how the HIS helps deliver high-quality care. The institute carries out 30,000 annual surgeries and 3,500 transplants, hosts one million medical records, and manages over four million outpatient practices. Safe to say, since its founding in 1957, HPUC has been the face of healthcare in the country. Tips Salud supports this massive organization in many ways; one of which stands out is the closed-loop medication cycle with a cutting-edge prescription support system. Following the implementation of this holistic offering, which was also designed as a mobile application, the hospital witnessed a slew of benefits – the numbers of medication errors dropped drastically; management of stock, expiration and search of medication was improved; time spent in nursing processes reduced by seven percent. For a hospital of its size and repute, Tips Salud went well over the call of duty and ushered in many ICT innovations that continue to ensure the client’s health care delivery is as robust and efficient as possible.

Revamping Healthcare ICT with Artificial Intelligence

With such strong capabilities strengthening communication and administrative management in health systems across large geographies, Tips Salud has already solidified its position as a leading solutions provider in the space for many years to come. However, innovation never ends, and leaders at the company are strong believers in that notion. Moving forward, Cecilia and her team are focusing all their efforts toward imbuing AI into their solution to help hospitals better manage high complexity patients, wherein anticipating their needs as and when they visit a hospital is critical. Moreover, the company also seeks to utilize the same technology to improve bed assignment processes and computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems, empowering pharmacists to enable robust prescription management. In tandem with innovative new patient interaction technologies, such developments have set high expectations of the company for the next few months. Tips Salud is more than ready for the challenge and intends to deliver on all the immediate and expected needs of health systems in the Latin American region and envisions a more technologically adept ecosystem for the next ten years.

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Tips Salud

Tips Salud

Córdoba, Argentina

Cecilia Camillucci, CEO , Tips Salud

Tips Salud was created from an ICT department of a highly complex university hospital which allowed the company to learn about the sector’s problems from the inside and give clear samples of health solutions, both in the role of solutions provider and financer. The company has nurtured a highly competent team of experts from various domains to design a HIS product that simplifies a health system’s administrative and communication workflows while making room for the adoption of innovations flexibly.