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TLC Diagnostics: Helping Physicians Take Charge with Timely Cardiac Monitoring

Remote monitoring of patients is redefining doctor-patient connections for the better. Particularly in cardiac care, a physician's ability to remotely monitor changes in a patient's R-R intervals has reduced the need for routine doctor visits. However, being increasingly reliant on AI-triggered alerts, other remote monitoring devices often detect arrhythmias only when they have reached a point of severity where the only course of action left for a physician is to try to save their patient's life, with no option for preventing the fatal attack.

Giving physicians the time and capability to extend their patients' lives, TLC Diagnostics, a leading remote cardiac monitoring service provider, eliminates risks beforehand with its live technician-based electrocardiography (LT-ECG) capabilities.

"TLC Diagnostics treads the extra mile, helping doctors be proactive instead of reactive," says John LaRosa, Director of Operations at TLC Diagnostics.

TLC utilizes its trained and certified staff of cardiac technologists to examine the patient’s entire ECG data in real-time meticulously observing the R-R intervals to find the arrhythmias before they become chronic —from the moment that the patient is placed on the monitor until they are removed at the end of the doctor prescribed session. Whenever any deviation in the heart rate presents, the TLC team retrieves the corresponding data from the monitoring session and immediately notifies the referring physician of the troubling arrhythmia.

TLC includes this critical information in its LT-ECG reports and swiftly provides doctors with real-time results to expedite diagnosis. These findings drastically lighten the physicians' load, giving them a tremendous head start on assessing their patient's health cycle where they can catch early signs of abnormal activity instead of waiting for a serious event to happen.

With the ability to help physicians provide thorough and accurate diagnoses quickly, TLC's services surpass a majority of its competitors that can take upwards of four weeks to provide their results.

TLC Diagnostics treads the extra mile, helping doctors be proactive instead of reactive

"Our process makes us 80 percent more diagnostic than every other competitor in cardiac monitoring," says LaRosa.

TLC offers the most advanced testing and diagnostic services available for physicians and patients. In addition to its specialty in remote cardiac monitoring services, the company's other specializations include their proprietary CMR (Cardio Metabolic Risk) Testing which gives a full comprehensive overview of a patient’s potential for developing various cardiovascular and neurological issues. CMR is another way TLC is helping lead the charge of preventative diagnostics.

Having practiced telemedicine and acknowledged its need since the beginning, TLC marches at the forefront with none in the industry on par with the company's approach to offering remote cardiac monitoring and medical diagnostic services.

Whenever a patient is enrolled for cardiac monitoring services, TLC schedules a face-to-face session with them. The company's live technician visits the patient's home to install the monitoring device. TLC technicians are thoroughly trained to explain the monitoring process in detail with the patient, working through any issues they may have with operating the monitor. Regardless of how long it takes, depending on the patient's capabilities and understanding, the technician does not leave until the patient feels comfortable with the process and has a clear picture of every last detail regarding the monitoring device and session.

After the device's installation, TLC offers patients easy access to its round-the-clock live support, so they are never trapped in an automated hold loop. As TLC takes care of all the patients' queries, physicians no longer have to deal with any of the minutia and the fuss involved in setting up their patients. In essence, TLC simplifies the patient assessment process and passes on the patient report to the doctor.

With advanced equipment and services combined with a certified team for providing better diagnostics, TLC Diagnostics is the best tool for making the physician's job easier, as proclaimed by many of its users.

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TLC Diagnostics

TLC Diagnostics

East Rockaway, NY

John LaRosa, Director of Operations, TLC Diagnostics

TLC offers the most advanced testing and diagnostic services available for physicians and patients, with a specialty in remote cardiac monitoring services.