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Total RCM Solutions: A Worry-Free Approach to Claims Handling

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Debbie Redd, CEO, US, Total RCM SolutionsDebbie Redd, CEO, US, Total RCM Solutions
In today’s dynamic field of medical billing and coding, physicians and doctors are facing difficulties in keeping pace with the continuously evolving market and regulatory requirements. As they spend the lion’s share of their time documenting medical history, prescriptions, and precautionary measures for patients, the quality of care delivery suffers. And the current COVID-19 pandemic has put the care procedures in disarray as healthcare professionals struggle to fully comprehend the latest guidelines which are in a constant state of flux. In such circumstances, they need a reliable partner that can help them mitigate the coding complexity and improve profit.

Enter Total RCM Solutions, a revenue cycle management (RCM) company that is changing the game in medical billing management through its end-to-end RCM services, ranging from scheduling, coding, and claims billing. “We remain true to our client-centric business strategy, tailoring our services to create—in just 30 days—a streamlined workflow that aligns with clients’ unique requirements,” says Debbie Redd, CEO of Total RCM, USA.

The company leaves no stone unturned in handling the extraction and coding of billable information in an efficient manner, allowing practices to focus on patient experience. The engagement process begins with insurance eligibility verification, which allows clients to determine if an incoming patient has active insurance and other such benefits. After the treatment, the patient’s profile is updated in the database, and in the subsequent coding review stage, team Total RCM codes all the information such as insurance and treatment details that can be used for future reference and compliance. “Our AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified coders ensure a high standard of service, guaranteeing clients of quick and successful claims processing,” affirms Vanaraj Baulraj, President and CEO, Total RCM, India.

In case a claim is rejected by the concerned authorities, Total RCM’s Accounts Receivables (AR) team steps in to address the objections and respond to the clarifications sought by authorities.

We remain true to our client-centric business strategy, tailoring our services to create—in just 30 days—a streamlined workflow that aligns with clients’ unique requirements

Besides, Total RCM strives to get the unattended claims cleared in a timely manner on behalf of clients.

What’s more, Total RCM provides crucial insights into business performance by highlighting the number of claims filed, denied, collection rate, and more, over a certain period. These insights are delivered in a visual format through dashboards, making it easy for physicians to make effective decisions and remain profitable.

In an instance, one of its clients that had accumulated AR worth a whopping $4 million approached Total RCM to address the issue. Total RCM identified that a missing document was the reason for delayed reimbursements, which helped the client claim a significant chunk of it. To prevent a recurrence, the company deployed a monitoring mechanism to track the billing workflow for accuracy and effectiveness.

Likewise, Total RCM has turned the corner for various other organizations. Rikta Kohli, Practice Administrator at Commonwealth Sleep Center, mentioned that the medical billing management company’s commitment to quality service delivery played a major role in improving communication and patient experience. In another case, Sonia Gupta, Practice Administrator at one of Total RCM’s clients, said that their revenue has increased because of Total RCM’s focus on attention to detail, stronger communication, quick response, deep industry knowledge, and client-centric strategy.

Total RCM has taken effective measures to assist clients in the backdrop of the current COVID-19 pandemic by expanding its services to include telehealth and COVID-19-specific coding. “Our ability to leverage technology helps us deliver quality services remotely. This adaptability gives us the edge over our competitors,” says Karthik Giriraj, VP and Director of Operations, Total RCM.

Moving ahead, Total RCM aims to increase its workforce and double down on marketing for faster expansion in new regions. Prem Kumar, president and COO of the company, adds, “We want to extend our value proposition and serve more companies by introducing new solutions that have automation at their core for enhanced billing efficiency.”

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Total RCM Solutions

Total RCM Solutions

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Debbie Redd, CEO, US , Total RCM Solutions

Total RCM Solutions helps physicians overcome the legacy coding practices and gain better revenue through enhanced care delivery and improved compliance