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Touch Health: Accelerating Digital Based Healthcare Solutions

Ricardo Auriemo, CEO, Touch HealthRicardo Auriemo, CEO, Touch Health
The increasing cost of care to patients and the multitude of options pertaining to healthcare services have led patients to choose their care based on cost and convenience. Therefore, the key to success for healthcare providers will be transforming healthcare into a system that is patient centric and allows patients to schedule their own services with affordability and ease. Consequently, by leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) within medical devices and e-health record traceability through blockchains, many hospitals and businesses in the healthcare industry have started embracing simple, distinctive tech-based approaches to bolster patient engagement.

In order to help healthcare providers establish personalized care and patient centric approaches, the Brazilian company Touch Health comes into the frame with its comprehensive software-based solutions suite stemming from a team possessing extensive experience in applications development, systems and equipment integration, deployment, support and infrastructure management in crucial environments. “We aim to work with healthcare providers in critical strategic areas where companies require the assurance of quality, consistency and scalable services,” mentions Ricardo Auriemo, CEO of Touch Health.

We aim to work with healthcare providers in critical strategic areas where these companies require the assurance of quality, consistency and scalable services.

The company’s solutions comprise Motion WISE, MotionLIS, LoIS and more. Motion Wise is an intelligent web scheduling system powered by WiseSearch technology. Apart from improving operational efficiency and service quality, WiseSearch technology enables self-scheduling by end users and evaluates all business rules on schedule, such as procedure sequencing, conflicts between preparations, multiple units, coverage, and so on.
The versatility of Motion WISE is manifested by its use for all types of procedures such as patient examinations, consultations and treatments, and also reconciles the best times for multiple procedures of the end-user. Moving one step further, Touch Health streamlines the entire exam production process, using Motion LIS—a comprehensive, highly configurable, robust, and secure laboratory information system (LIS) with the flexibility to be used in a variety of mission-critical operations as well as routine outpatient and hospital procedures. Thus, Touch Health offers laboratory management and image reports; centralization, production, and web distribution of reports and images, business intelligence, among others.

Moreover, Touch Health’s Motion RIS is a comprehensive information management system designed for diagnostic imaging centers and radiology departments to automate clinical, operational, and administrative tasks. With VeDocs ELO, businesses can centralize documents and images regardless of the source system and make them available to the patients. To assist inventory management centers, hospitals, high-cost pharmacies, businesses with distributed operations, and companies that want to manage their own inventory, Touch Health provides a modular platform for efficient inventory management called LoIS (Logistics Information System).

With the ever-growing technological innovation in the healthcare arena, businesses often require a core system of technological solutions, such as a smart sample tracking system to orchestrate their operation flow. For instance, Touch Health helped one of their clients to automate all the process flows for a newly established genetic lab. The client implemented Touch Health’s solution which resulted in a significant reduction in the time to publish exam reports. Motion LIS is today one of the most demanded solutions for the emerging genetics labs, which have very unique routines, new requirements for control software and a growing need for automation. Owing to its highly configurable, robust, and secure LIS, Touch Health can manage entire exam production processes, from the opening of the forms to ensuring availability of the reports. Motion LIS is accessible from mobile devices and can operate in a clustered environment, promoting scalability, and high availability.

With its team of experts, Touch Health emanates excellent tech-based solutions along with services to thrive in the competitive market of healthcare. Touch Health serves various successful businesses in Brazil such as DASA, Fleury, Rede D’Or São Luiz, Sírio Libanês Hospital, Albert Einstein Hospital, and many more. With their tech-based, easy-to-use solutions, Touch Health is one of Brazil’s top 30 small and medium businesses to work for, and one of the best in Latin America. Furthermore, Touch Health is future-ready to expand its footprint in locations apart from South, Central, and Latin America

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Touch Health

Touch Health

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ricardo Auriemo, CEO , Touch Health

Touch Health, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a company that provides several software-based solutions to healthcare providers and businesses that improves operational efficiency and service quality.The Company has built a suite of solutions to help healthcare businesses offer a better digital experience to their clients thereby streamlining data for patients and healthcare facilities. Touch Health‘s LIS for genetics labs stand apart as it delivers complete workflow control and advanced reporting capabilities. It’sintelligent web scheduling system powered by WiseSearch technology reconciles the best times for multiple procedures of the end-user taking into account all the business rules on schedule, such as procedure sequencing, conflicts between preparations, multiple units, coverage, etc.