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Trainer Rx: Driving the Healthcare Journey through Telerehabilitation

Dr. Michael Oberlander, Chief Medical Officer, Trainer RxDr. Michael Oberlander, Chief Medical Officer, Trainer Rx
The world is gravitating toward digital healthcare applications for better care, and yet, the irony of the situation is that only a miniscule percentage of these applications are being downloaded and actually put to use by consumers. But that’s not the case with Trainer Rx, one of the fastest growing telerehabilitation apps designed to create a unique patient journey that provides low-cost access to home self-care and supports patients with education and rehabilitation. A multitude of patients who are recovering from surgery access post-surgical pathways built into Trainer Rx week after week and complete their workout sessions. “Besides having an extremely fast recovery rate, Trainer Rx is acclaimed for rendering a high level of pain relief, averaging about 45 percent for some conditions,” says Dr. Michael Oberlander, Chief Medical Officer, Trainer Rx. “To date, we have had more than 700,000 completed sessions on Trainer Rx, which is a testament to our success.”

Having focused primarily on physicians treating patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries earlier, Trainer Rx today provides a unique MSK injury solution for physicians, enterprise health, employers, and patients. Trainer Rx applies the latest medical information from peer-reviewed journals and presents it in an easy-to-understand format. With a strong belief that education is the key to helping patients comply with their treatment plan, the company delivers the content in ‘bite-size’ form at the appropriate time through their application. Built on the premise of ‘consumers as active participants in their own healthcare-decision making process,’ Trainer Rx offers patients access to rehabilitation and home self-care information at their own pace and on any device. Backed by a thoroughly built framework that adheres to clinical protocols and best practices, the patients can take control of their own health through self-care information that was not possible before.

Besides having an extremely fast recovery rate, Trainer Rx is acclaimed for rendering a high level of pain relief, averaging about 45 percent for some conditions

At a time when the healthcare community, encompassing physicians, enterprise health, and insurers are waking up to the value of digital therapeutics in supplementing care delivery with home self-care, Trainer Rx allows patients to access their unique clinical pathway anytime, anywhere.

Today, where physicians are expected to see more patients in less time, patients face the difficulty of scheduling appointments. Addressing this predicament, Trainer Rx reassures providers that the sessions their patients undertake follow clinical protocols and are evidence-based. Trainer Rx has machine learning embedded into the application that automatically and individually adjusts to the patient, based on the responses to each exercise. An application that can be easily integrated with wearables such as Fitbit and Apple Watch, Trainer Rx delivers home self-care content during the treatment cycle for high engagement. The company makes all of the patient-reported outcome measurements electronically available for review in real time to ensure that physicians are always aware of their patients’ progress. It also provides actionable alerts to manage population health, thereby creating an ecosystem that benefits all the key stakeholders.

Trainer Rx is on its way to offer exercise sessions that do not require a physician visit or a prescription. It is building new clinical pathways specifically focused on common musculoskeletal conditions, such as low back pain/strain, neck strain, tennis elbow, or hip and knee pain. The company is currently testing this form of direct-to-consumer approach and working to incorporate biometric technology into its platform that will enhance better data sharing with physicians and insurers. Trainer Rx is endeavoring to allow its participants to directly communicate with professionals in orthopedic, primary care, and physical therapy and is striving to improve the ability to deliver telerehab care remotely.