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Eric Brody, Co-President and Brand Leader, TrajectoryEric Brody, Co-President and Brand Leader, Trajectory
The rule of thumb for every successful brand is to realize that in order to specialize in something, one needs to be the best at it. Staying true to this statement, Trajectory has been guiding businesses to evolve as brands from scratch. As the name suggests, the company has been orchestrating the trajectory of existing and budding brands across the globe by crafting and aligning culture, purpose, strategy, marketing, design, and digital experience together to strengthen the vital connection between a brand and its audience. With Eric Brody at the helm as the president, owner, and brand leader, Trajectory is committed to empowering brands to solve their challenges themselves while achieving high ROI and market share.

Launched in 1999, Trajectory caters to healthcare systems & hospitals, physician & medical practices, healthcare services & technology, and skincare/ beauty & personal care sectors. The company has worked with senior leadership and marketing teams in the healthcare sector across the country, helping them execute their visions and improve their performance successfully. Patient volumes, differentiation, and preference, consumerism, HCP referrals, responding to the implications of healthcare reforms—Trajectory efficiently manages all these aspects considering the shifting competitive landscape.

Most independent healthcare providers are faced with the challenge of finding effective ways to brand and market their medical practice. Thanks to Trajectory’s significant physician and medical practice experience, the team knows how to make a quick yet strong impact on patient volume and HCP referrals. The firm enables independent care providers to balance competing priorities and internal agendas by analyzing the marketplace and creating customized marketing plans, thereby strengthening the brand strategy and positioning.

Trajectory’s branding activities include launching, rebranding, and energizing businesses associated with the clinical trial technology, medical device, population-based benefits, and disease management sectors. The company’s deep category experience benefits clients to explore new possibilities, create new value, and tip the scales in their favor.

When it comes to digging into a challenge, providing insights and revealing opportunities to more closely connect with care receivers, Trajectory’s qualitative/quantitative services, competitor/white space reviews, business reviews, brand audits, customer journey maps, and digital audits prove highly efficient. Trajectory’s strategists sharpen brand ideas and guides clients through the creation of brand architecture, brand platform, tagline, story & messaging, naming, content & social media plans, brand training, and marketing plans. The company’s branding work provides a distinct identity for organizations, products, and services to maximize their potential by actively managing their words, images, ideas, and associations. The award-winning design team blends strategy with smart design to create a visual language that is distinctly the brand’s, and is brought to life across the entirety of their brand experience.

At Trajectory, the account, creative and media teams work hand-in-hand to develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns that in turn, build brand-driven cultures, enabling people to stay informed about the organization’s brand promises. The adept team comprises digital strategists, designers, and developers who diligently concept, design, and build digital properties that boost a brand’s online presence and demonstrate the value of healthcare and wellness products and services.

Trajectory’s specialized knowledge and expertise have facilitated comprehensive branding and healthcare marketing strategies for healthcare firms, assisting them in taking control of regulations, business models, care staff, stakeholders involved in decision-making, category-specific language, and KPI’s. However, for Brody, it is important to step outside of the convention and observe the best practices of other sectors as well. The folks at Trajectory believe that the key lies in the ability to combine our in-depth knowledge with new trends and emerge as the ultimate market disruptor.

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Eric Brody, Co-President and Brand Leader, Trajectory

Trajectory is a branding and marketing agency, changing the path of brands and businesses across healthcare and wellness. The company's clients span four inter-related segments – health systems and hospitals, physician and medical practices, healthcare services and technology, skincare, beauty, and personal care. As an agency, Trajectory helps guide the course of its client's brands and businesses. Trajectory does this by crafting and aligning purpose with strategy, design, communication, and experience for everything to work together and to deepen the connection between brands and people