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Transcend Insights: Driven Towards Providing Better Healthcare Management Systems

Marc Willard, President, Transcend InsightsMarc Willard, President, Transcend Insights
Healthcare organizations are diligently working to streamline processes in order to enhance patient care. In healthcare domain, most important goal is to improve the outcomes of the health quality, control costs and strengthen the patient-physician experience. Currently, there isn’t an established influence of healthcare analytics on health outcomes as it is limited in scope. Insights into clinical data and personal wellness data are required to get the comprehensive health profile of an individual and population health. In other words, interoperability is required to overcome the challenges faced in healthcare sector. This means healthcare department can now exchange data through interoperability in an organized manner. Furthermore, removing duplicate information and unnecessary tests pose a daunting task to get the accurate results about the individual’s health data. In order to address the issue, Transcend Insights, a provider of population health management tools, introduced HealthLogix platform which offers a real-time healthcare analytics that can process an individual’s profile in milliseconds. To get effective results, HealthLogix platform connects with electronic health record (EHR) systems. “We transform EHR system data into real-time, actionable health intelligence, and utilize proven interoperability capabilities to make that intelligence available via web and mobile application,” says Marc Willard, President of Transcend Insights.

Transcend Insights, headquartered in Campbell, CA, analyzes 2.3 billion clinical data points on 10.8 million patients every day. The company also established more than 1,000 bi-directional patient summary exchanges for one of its customers which require using continuity of care documents that deliver a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical data.

“We work with over 130 health systems that serve 600 hospitals and over 20,000 physicians. We are able to enhance physician satisfaction and improve the healthcare systems,” asserts Willard.

To further unclog the bottleneck in healthcare, the company provides solutions through healthcare analytics engine that identifies safety concerns of drugs while it ensures compliance with national quality measures and clinical guidelines to maximize repayment. By access the product, multiple hospitals are now able to use value-based care delivery model.

The ability to furnish adept products for healthcare comes from the talent that the company houses. Transcend Insights’ employees have over four decades of experience in foundational elements which includes healthcare analytics, community wide interoperability and intuitive care tools. Also, they have considerable amount of exposure in generating actionable insights directly into the physicians’ EHR or into a health plan’s messaging platform. Furthermore, Transcend Insights have close and varied partnerships with healthcare institutions and they have customer oriented development team which gives them an advantage to stay ahead of the competition.

Our solution guarantees maximum ROI while optimizing clinical outcomes using precision targeted personalized interventions

Transcend Insights is focusing to develop additional technologies so that healthcare organizations get the benefit. The company has already established itself with leading healthcare organizations to achieve well maintained healthcare solutions. “We are aiming to improve individual health outcomes, provide better health management systems so that physicians will be able to take good care of their patients,” concludes Willard.