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Trice Imaging: Democratizing Medical Imaging Operations

Bernd Nuber, SVP BD, trice imagingBernd Nuber, SVP BD, trice imaging
UNICEF and the World Health Organization estimates that around 800 women die in the world every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Ninety-nine percent of all maternal demises take place in developing nations and the rate is sky-reaching amongst women living in rural areas, and in poorer communities. A greater initiative is taken by Del Mar, CA based Trice Imaging to prevent the loss of humanity with proper maternal care including medical imaging during pregnancy and delivery. For instance, the company provided cloud-based imaging solutions to rural clinics of three small villages in Morocco, Oulmes, Boulmane and Ribate el Kheir to reduce the infant and maternal mortality. “Even though these rural areas lacked basic computer and health records facilities, using the Trice medical image-routing platform, we sent images, videos and reports to physicians via mobile phones to reviewing clinics in Casablanca, Fes, and Paris,” says Bernd Nuber, SVP BD, Trice Imaging. “By facilitating a faster transfer of ultrasound exam results, we could avoid transferring patients, saving valuable time to detect high-risk pregnancies and ultimately save lives,” he adds.

Trice Imaging provides a secure and HIPAA compliant storage web-based service, which is changing the way medical data is stored and shared with patients and medical professionals across the globe. The company’s key offering, Tricefy Service offers a patent-protected SaaS solution that enables clinics and hospitals to convert, deliver and receive Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) images. The DICOM study is uploaded directly from the imaging device through a service called uplink, running on multiple OS in the secure

and cost efficient way to the cloud through a standard internet connection. “With the help of uplink technology, the studies can be uploaded easily without the need of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity in between the hospitals and data centers,” extols Nuber. In addition, after securely uploading the data, the diagnosis results can be shared with the patients and physicians via collaboration tools. The user can access these studies anywhere, anytime through current web browsers on PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

Highlighting the key feature of the Tricefy Service, Nuber states that it does not require any kind of upfront cost or training or onsite IT supports. The lean integration and installation process is highly automized, which takes down a lot of complexities out of current IT solutions thereby reducing costs in healthcare. “Our solutions are easily accessible to the hospitals or individuals irrespective of high or low volume of imaging examinations,” says Nuber. Commenting on the simplicity of the service, Nuber says, “We will make sure to eliminate the complex user interfaces and provide the same functionality with straight forward and easy to understand user interface.”

Our solutions are easily accessible to the hospitals or individuals irrespective of high or low volume of imaging examinations

Having constructed a robust foundation in the medical imaging landscape, Nuber believes the key to long term growth in the current environment is being the ‘cloud platform partner of choice’ for the customers who are seeking to navigate towards greater competitiveness. To further strengthen this prominent culture, the company focuses on developing products, which can collaborate on all kinds of DICOM imaging devices. “We are on constantly integrating our uplink technology on medical imaging devices, so as to deliver a model which is cost-effective and improves efficiency at the same time,” concludes Nuber on an optimistic note.