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TriMed Technologies: Boosting Practice Profitability through Automation

 Jim Cropp, CEO , TriMed Technologies
Jim Cropp, CEO, TriMed Technologies is passionate about healing patients by helping physicians manage their practice efficiently. “I can’t heal anyone. Our team can’t either. But we provide the software and support to make physicians a 'happier' healer, able to focus on the medicine, while we focus on the IT, surrounding all things including EHR and Practice Management,” he expresses. “The healthcare marketplace is surrounded by byzantine issues, but primarily the challenges revolve around the ability for an independent physician practice to remain viable and profitable,” remarks Cropp. He believes that physicians face constant financial pressure from the changing reimbursement landscape and higher regulatory and compliance requirements. To solve such predicaments, healthcare providers are on a lookout for solutions that can help them cope with the changes while running businesses profitably. Commencing its journey in 1996, TriMed Technologies designs, sells, installs and supports a progressive suite of practice management software to ensure physician practices remain fluid. “Our mission is to solve problems of time, money and risk to improve patient care and practice profitability,” informs Cropp.

The company’s e-Medsys solutions, as Cropp describes, is akin to an entire solar system consisting of practice management software, electronic health record, patient engagement portal, interoperability, connection with medical devices within the practice – on a single database. The practice management system helps clients maximize cash flow and automate patient and insurance follow up with a comprehensive set of tools. Physicians manage their practices starting with patient registration all the way through to creating financial reports. Importantly, Cropp says that the solution is designed to simplify the tasks of front office personnel by integrating with clearinghouses and automating processes to determine the patient’s eligibility. The automated processes further notify patients about their scheduled appointments through text or voice messages. Once the patient visits the doctor, the solutions’ automatic mechanisms send insurance claims to respective carriers allowing them to quickly and consistently process claims and send remittance back to the practice.

Our mission is to solve problems of time, money and risk to improve patient care and practice profitability

The e-Medsys solution will process and aggregate the claims and automatically post them into the patient’s account in the system. “Our system enables physicians to grow their practice technically without adding workers and labor,” explains Cropp.

TriMed’s e-Medsys practice management solution has exhibited exemplary performance for many healthcare providers. In a recent use case, the solution empowered Newton Family Physicians, a practice with Patient Centered Medical Home certification, to enhance their operational as well as revenue management process. Staff can easily verify patient eligibility and estimate patient responsibility up front, then manage and follow up on payer and patient payments. With this solution, Newton Family Physicians eliminated the need to pull paper charts and process claims manually. The solution simplified the entire process making it less time consuming and more accurate.

Further, adding credence to TriMed’s stature in the market is its constant effort to make its solutions easier for users by working closely with physicians. “TriMed has a ‘consulting culture’ that is not limited to helping clients understand our toolset, but to understand their job and effectively wrap our toolset around it.”

Cropp envisions TriMed’s future following the same vision – reducing the administrative burden of practicing healthcare for clients so that physicians can concentrate on delivering first-class healthcare services. The company will also explore the various advanced technology options and ways to offer faster and more expansive access to data in a more cost efficient way. “We keep a close eye on the macro economics surrounding medicine so we can implement it in our solutions,” concludes Cropp.