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TruDoc 24x7: A 24x7 Care Level Management Delivery System, which is focused on 20% of the population, that consumes 82% of medical costs.

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Raouf Khalil, CEO, TruDoc 24x7Raouf Khalil, CEO, TruDoc 24x7 Digital healthcare is constantly growing and evolving. What we are witnessing today is just the tip of the iceberg when we consider the almost unlimited possibilities and opportunities this technology offers in terms of the transformation of our healthcare services. In today’s world, particularly with the challenges due to COVID-19, medical services must go above and beyond their current operations to adapt to the challenging situation the world is currently facing.

The current system fails to deliver the appropriate level of care for both acute and chronic patients, in a convenient and efficient way. This is not only bad for patients, but also has some wider implications on the healthcare and world economy, putting pressure on an already overburdened services and leading to inefficiencies in the system.

Therefore Dubai – based TruDoc Healthcare LLC, has created a proven, innovative new post COVID 19 healthcare delivery system which aligns patients and their healthcare payers based on Evidence-Based Medicine. This new TruDoc delivery system places a major focus on the 20% of the population, a group which consumes 82% of medical costs, as telemedicine alone does not work for this high-risk group.

What differentiates TruDoc from all other Telehealth providers is it’s one of a kind 24x7 Care Level Management Delivery System which includes multiple integrated 24x7 Healthcare Entry Points connected to its 24x7 Telemedicine Control Center. These Entry Points include an Integrated Mobile Application for use while travelling, On-Site Virtual Clinics at the office, a Hospitalist Program, for patients at the hospital, a Hospital at Home Program with 24x7 Telemonitoring, for patients who are at their homes TruDoc caters to healthy, acute and chronic members. TruDoc 24x7’s staff includes full-time Doctors, Psychologists, Wellness Experts, Pharmacists, Case Managers and a comprehensive team of IT Specialists.

“We align patients/employees with payers/employers through Evidence Based Medicine. TruDoc’ s entry points, stratification and early intervention allows our doctors to provide the appropriate level of care to ensure patient and payer satisfaction. During these challenging times of COVID 19, TruDoc provides the right balance between savings lives and saving livelihoods,“

TruDoc’s four entry points together form TruDoc 24x7’s integrated delivery system which provides the appropriate level of care and early intervention for the members.

While traveling, members can access TruDoc’s services through TruDoc’s integrated mobile application. The mobile application also has AI-based symptom checkers for both general check-ups and COVID-19 specific symptoms. Other features and services of TruDoc include medication delivery, lab specimen services from the comfort of the office or home and, 24x7 vital signs tracking for chronic conditions as well as wellness support.

The virtual clinic provides members with access to TruDoc’s 24x7 available doctors from its installation site and includes smart devices which allow members to measure their vital signs by using integrated, telemonitoring devices that are connected via Bluetooth to TruDoc’s Call Center. The readings will sync to the Call Center where TruDoc’s doctors are available 24x7, monitoring patients’ readings. The Virtual Clinics can be placed at employers’, offices, schools, pharmacies, nursing homes, hotels, accommodations and malls.

Our doctors tell patients the truth about what they need, not what they can afford according to Evidence - Based Medicine

If a member is at the hospital, he/she can utilize TruDoc’s hospitalist program, which focuses on early discharge of patients who do not require inpatient treatment at hospitals and can be managed effectively at home. This program helps to reduce unnecessary average hospital bed-days based on evidence-based medicine. Discharged patients are transitioned to TruDoc’ s Hospital at Home Program where they are managed effectively for better clinical and financial outcomes.

TruDoc’s Hospital at Home Program provides hospital-level care to members in the comfort of their homes. The Hospital at Home Program, licensed by Johns Hopkins University, reduces unnecessary hospital readmissions and provides peace of mind for patients and their families. Enrolment to this program is initiated by TruDoc’s Doctor, providing a full medical examination at the patients’ home, allocating appropriate blue tooth telemonitoring devices, measuring vitals parameters as well as prescribing medications, where needed. Patients’ vital readings are automatically synced to the 24x7 Control Center for 24x7 monitoring by TruDoc’ s doctors who will be on hand to deal with any required early intervention.

The company also provides Chronic Disease Management Programs for conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, and Lower back pain, to name a few, along with a second opinion service from globally recognized medical consultants and experts.

Six years ago, TruDoc decided to develop its own IT system to support the company’s unique Care Level Management clinical model. TruDoc’s IT system provides round-the-clock access to Doctors, Psychologists, Wellness Experts and Case Managers via voice/video calls and live chat. The most valuable and unique element of TruDoc’s IT system is the ability to stratify patients daily and provide the appropriate level of care, ensuring money is spent only when there is an imminent clinical and/or financial risk. This ensures high patient satisfaction and net savings for payers.

The inception of TruDoc’s model was in 1989 in Los Angeles, CA, when its primary services included Home Healthcare Services, including nurses’ home visits; and later went on to add Home Infusion, Pharmacy, Hospice and Durable Medical Equipment. In 2001, the company was sold, and Khalil reproduced the same model but, this time, with licensed doctors instead of nurses. The company provided more than 40,000 doctors home health visits per month in six different states, becoming the first organization to achieve such a remarkable feat in the US.

The current health care market has reached unmanageable levels and; unnecessary overutilization has led to a perpetual increase in medical insurance premiums.

In addition to the financial impact, there are potentially severe clinical damages due to unnecessary clinical procedures and medications being administered. TruDoc 24x7 aligns patients and payers as a real healthcare solution. TruDoc’s doctors are paid a flat salary with no incentives for overutilization. “Our doctors tell patients the truth about what they need, not what they can afford based on International Guidelines,” adds Khalil. Thus, TruDoc 24x7 impacts outpatient, inpatient, and pharmacy costs.

In a post COVID-19 world economy, payers (employers, governments, self-funded, and individuals) can no longer sustain an inefficient profit-based healthcare system. It has become essential to change consumer behaviour- as to how they access healthcare. TruDoc 24x7 has risen to the occasion in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and has provided patients with the appropriate level of care, quickly and conveniently. It is already experiencing an upsurge in audio and video consultations related to respiratory tract infections and other similar illnesses. TruDoc 24x7 is at the forefront of helping people stay informed with the latest updated information on the COVID-19, warning signs and symptoms, and preventive measures to combat this pandemic.

TruDoc 24x7 is the first Care Level Management Delivery System globally, aligning patients and payers by providing a real, sustainable healthcare solution that ensures savings for payers and better clinical outcomes for patients.

TruDoc 24x7, through its four 24x7 integrated entry points, ensures that patients are managed at the appropriate level of care to avoid unnecessary and costly overutilization; thus, protecting patients from getting unnecessary and potentially harmful procedures or medications. For instance, TruDoc implemented its Hospital at Home Program in July 2017 for one of its clients. The company managed patients being discharged from the hospital through this 24x7 Hospital at Home Program including Telemonitoring. Patients and their families are extremely satisfied as well as the payer observed significant savings. All savings analysis was conducted by a third-party actuarial firm, “LUX Actuaries & Consultants.”

TruDoc 24x7 has over 4.4 million paid subscribers in multiple countries and over 6,700 multinational corporate clients, including insurance carriers, governments, brokerage firms, TPAs, telecom providers, pharmacies, etc. TruDoc 24x7 is now in its 10th year of operation in UAE. Apart from UAE, TruDoc currently operates in Nigeria and Egypt and is planning to expand its services to six new countries in the next 12 months and, to enroll 30 million new members.

Healthcare delivery is a complex challenge and is different in every context. No ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution exists, TruDoc 24x7 is a unique healthcare provider offering the perfect combination of technology and medical expertise to its members. It does this by providing high-quality care in an end-to-end solution that can be customized to meet the specific needs of a given context or a specific patient. TruDoc 24x7 can meet the needs of many different geographies and health economies; each with their own pain points, constraints and drivers of activity and behaviours.
“As a leading telemedicine provider in UAE for the past ten years, we are proud to continue our mission of ‘Doing the Right Thing.’,” concludes Khalil.

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TruDoc 24x7

TruDoc 24x7

Dubai, UAE

Raouf Khalil, CEO , TruDoc 24x7

As both a healthcare and technology provider, the firm offers—TruDoc 24×7, a blend of technology and medical expertise to its users by providing a one-of-a-kind 24×7 Population Health Management solution. TruDocintegrates Telemedicine, On-Site Virtual Clinics, On-Site Clinics, Hospitalist Program, Disease Management, and Home Health, including Telemonitoring to create multiple 24x7 Entry Points to change consumer behavior based on Evidence-Based Medicine. Patients can communicate with the firm's full-time doctors and wellness experts from anywhere in the world via voice/video calls, live chat as well as schedule on-site doctor visits and clinics