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Truven Health Analytics: Broadening Healthcare with Data Analytics

Mike Boswood, President & CEO, Truven Health AnalyticsMike Boswood, President & CEO, Truven Health Analytics
The ‘wellness’ factor of the healthcare industry has received a new dimension as technological advancements have nudged the concept of healthcare informatics. But, the question arises on how to utilize the data from diverse sources for the betterment of service quality and patient care. Aiding to this situation, Truven Health Analytics delivers data analytical solutions, tools and services to the companies operating in this sector to improve their service performance and efficiency.

The Michigan-based firm empowers organizations to achieve their primary goal of cost-effectively delivering services and wellness programs amidst their daily complexities. “Our Market Discovery Planning solution helps hospitals and health systems to transition from fee-for-service to value-based-care models, by developing new strategies for growth, quality, cost reduction, and also to avert unforeseen problems down the road,” asserts Mike Boswood, President and CEO, Truven Health Analytics. The company’s expert team has crafted solutions that are technologically advanced and are capable of meeting industry needs, such as medication program, and disease and condition management.

Truven’s analytical products such as ActionOI, ActionOI Practice Insights, and Advantage Suite are devised to assimilate information from different systems and sources, thereby making the healthcare data suitable for decision making. In addition, the firm also proves innovative solution offering like Strategic Consulting Services and Analytic Research. The Strategic Consulting Services mostly involve consulting services for the governmental bodies to help them plan and apply population healthcare strategies, analyze and improve internal organizational relationships, understand life science strategies and incorporate relevant expertise. Furthermore, the solution’s research services intensify the healthcare system to be more economical. The Analytic Research solution focuses on formulating and implementing of operational policies and changes in the data development areas with regards to the analysis of the ROI and healthcare tools development.

Additionally the solution and services of Truven Health Analytics aim at improving the productivity, patient care and marketing strategies of its healthcare customers. In all possible ways the company inculcates the importance of employee engagement and exclusion of waste from the system. Truven Health Analytics has efficiently produced tools that are flexible in nature and are capable of uncovering opportunities of development. “The main mission behind producing such capable and tailor-made tools is to empower the clients, so that convergence of all the data can be done from every pertinent source,” adds Boswood.

Truven Health Analytics’ customer support system imparts training to clinicians to equip them to perform better patient care functions. “Our training empowers clinicians to find their answers fast and be more successful in delivering patient care,” affirms Boswood. Micromedix Solution Training is one of the courses that are being formulated to provide hands-on experiences to the clinicians to prove their efficiency.

Truven Health Analytics stands apart from the rest for the vast applicability and functionality of its solutions and tools in varied situations such as improving employee insight, analyzing and planning healthcare data, and also analyzing the treatment records of the patients. The distinctive suite of solutions delivered by the firm is a reason behind its strong client base that includes Cigna, BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, HCA, ProHealth Care and other renowned organizations.

We work closely with trusted local business partners with a deep knowledge of healthcare so as to ensure reliability

Although, Truven Health Analytics has been serving the industry for more than 30 years it believes in capacitating itself to address and improve healthcare quality needs while keeping the expenses of healthcare providers low. For the future, the company aspires to add impetuous to make healthcare industry much more informed and data driven. “We plan to work closely with trusted local business partners with a deep knowledge of healthcare so as to ensure more reliability of our solutions,” concludes Boswood.