Top Healthcare Compliance Solution Companies
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Top 10 Healthcare Compliance Solution Companies - 2016

Health care organizations are vastly leveraging the power of technology to improve the quality of care. Meanwhile, on the flip side, they are dealing with a myriad of compliance issues that comes along the adoption new technologies. The U.S. government’s regulations for Medicare have spawned a whole new industry on compliance. The new legislation demands detail reporting for compliance purpose. Towards this, health care organizations are giving more emphasis to build an effective compliance program to recognize, prevent and address the major risks that affect the organization as a whole.

To achieve more efficiency, organizations today are automating compliance processes by applying the cost-efficient cloud-based solutions and harnessing the power of data algorithms. Further, the increasing adoption of EHR makes it simpler to collect and analyze a wide variety of compliance-related information to ensure patient safety and provide healthcare of highest quality.

In this environment, solution providers should make a comprehensive effort to put together a sophisticated compliance program to make healthcare providers more successful, profitable and responsive to patient needs.

In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board reviewed the top companies in the healthcare compliance space, and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges.

The selection panel looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the needs of buyers with effective solutions that can curb the challenges associated with healthcare compliance. In this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, we bring to you “10 Most Promising Healthcare Compliance Solution Providers 2016.”

Top Healthcare Compliance Solution Companies

Bridges the common operational gaps faced in the integration of technologies that provide greatly improved security and compliance

Empowers hospitals and health systems to successfully manage healthcare’s evolving cybersecurity risks ensuring patient safety

Enabling organizations to achieve, illustrate and maintain HIPAA compliance through a unified, easy to use and cost effective solution

Assisting healthcare community to improve patient care while remaining compliant with HIPAA

Created to provide HIPAA EDI solutions for organizations within the healthcare industry

Global supplier of customized security solutions that protect data and meet compliance needs of organizations

Providers of evidence-based insight to enable organizations enhance financial, operational and clinical outcome

An easy-to-use, secure, ephemeral messaging application that enables truly confidential communication in the healthcare sector

Provider of information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors helping customers make critical decisions



A global supplier of easy-to-implement compliance and medical credentialing software and services