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Verto Tech Solutions: Safeguarding Healthcare Information

Eliza Charles, CTO, Verto Tech SolutionsEliza Charles, CTO, Verto Tech Solutions
The extensive digitalization of the healthcare environment has made IT network and healthcare infrastructure vital for organizations. Hospitals today record an increasing volume of protected health information (PHI) on a daily basis. As cyber criminals strive to get to this invaluable directory of information, the healthcare industry struggles to synchronize the tasks of attentive examination of patients and equal assurance of their personal data security. Cyber offenders have been incessantly focusing on the healthcare industry in the recent years primarily because they can acquire intelligence on identity information contained in health records. Understanding the need for a robust strategy to counter this, Verto Techsolutions offers a human-centric cybersecurity solution that assists in identifying and responding to threats in real-time to protect patient data wherever it resides. “Our mission is to enforce healthcare IT security while keeping impact on functionality to a minimum, which means peace of mind and performance,” mentions Eliza Charles, CTO of Verto Techsolutions.

The cybersecurity solution offered by Verto Techsolutions can help secure the patient data and safeguard patient trust, while empowering healthcare experts to access the data wherever and whenever they need it. At the mindboggling rate that healthcare data volume is growing, Verto Techsolutions excels at managing and securing it through a diverse network and infrastructure. At the same time, the company guides healthcare organizations to tap into the transformative power of IT that will boost the focus on patient outcomes.

Henry Wilson, Manging Director, Verto Tech Solutions
Recognizing and dealing with uncountable threats in a complex environment is not an easy task. Verto Techsolutions' cybersecurity services that span security risk assessment, physical security and social engineering testing, security awareness training, and vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are built to address these challenges. The company also assists clients to streamline their operations, identify areas of improvement, and manage workflow.

Verto Techsolutions’ expertise in conducting and supporting risk assessment activities is extensive. Equipped with this expertise, they can determine the extent of risk by identifying assets including electronic health records, can evaluate asset-related threats, the resulting vulnerabilities and impact of their exploitation; can integrate an assessment to check HIPAA or NIST compliance; and can create remediation reporting mechanisms and deploy ongoing and continuous monitoring solutions. “All businesses, big or small, must incorporate procedures like risk management, HIPAA, and employee security training which are essentially indispensable,” says Eliza.

There is of course no fool-proof way to completely eradicate cyber attacks at the moment, because data volume is constantly growing and every day new technologies are being created to handle cyber criminal activity. “It’s not just the protective/preventive technologies that are evolving, but criminals are also coming up with newer tricks,” states Eliza. Which is why, companies needs to stay a step ahead of them with continued risk management and increased awareness, and Verto Techsolutions help them achieve this.

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Eliza Charles, CTO and Henry Wilson, Manging Director, Verto Tech Solutions

Delivers cybersecurity solution aimed at securing patient data, safeguarding patient trust, and providing seamless data access to healthcare experts