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Filipe Oliveira,  Founder and CEO, VerzoFilipe Oliveira, Founder and CEO, Verzo
In recent times, the Hospital Information Systems (HIS) has proven to be insufficient in keeping abreast of the ever-evolving complexity of the business. For example, hospitals simultaneously work with different negotiations with payors and distinct payment methods such as fee-for-service, bundles, and capitation. With fragmented information and conflicting incentives, CFOs and hospital administrators have a hard time controlling and optimizing their financial decisions.

That’s where Verzo, formerly known as Alianca Hospitalar, is changing the game by offering state-of-the-art products— OtimizaMed, GMat, and GMed.

Verzo has experienced exponential growth since 2020. “When the pandemic started, hospitals were more focused on managing the crisis than buying a SaaS solution. As a result, our sales and implementation dropped,” says Filipe Oliveira, the founder and CEO of Verzo. “We learned in practice what Franklyn D. Roosevelt once said - calm seas never made a good sailor, and reviewed our product portfolio.” This enabled the company to pivot to its current product line and assist over 80 clients across 16 states in Brazil by signing contracts with the country’s top hospitals and chains.

A SaaS-based solution, OtimizaMed is powered by cutting-edge technology that integrates private and public databases and allows hospitals to optimize their financial decisions. It is used as the key financial control tool for some of the main individual hospitals and chains in Brazil. This module not only provides better financial control but also brings relevant financial gains.

The other two products, GMed and GMat mitigate the pain points of administrative redundancy and manual work in the hospital registration as they cross-check several public and private databases with the hospital data.

As a result, issues that can cause claim denials are automatically identified, providing clear financial gains and supporting the work of the hospital management team.

As an example, OtimizaMed was implemented in a big hospital chain in Brazil that was struggling with data science complexity and assisted in bringing strong financial returns. With the use of proprietary technology, the solution was able to integrate all the medicine data across the chain and automatically conciliate the different registrations to consolidate the same items that were registered in different ways in distinct databases. It also identified and compared all the equivalent medicines and showed the best product mix for each hospital. As a result, Verzo was able to identify over BRL 40MM in potential EBITDA gain, 25 percent of that has already been incorporated.

What separates Verzo is its constant pursuit to listen to the clients’ needs. Being healthcare veterans, the company builds its solutions and new features to generate even more value. Further, Verzo is backed by top investors such as Stanford entrepreneur Denis Cruz (founder of SiMCo Digital), Tech Expert Joca Torres, and Healthcare Veteran Executive Fabio Katayama.

In terms of roadmap, Verzo’s clients have requested new modules to solve adjacent pain points related to financial and clinical controls, and the company is scaling up its tech team to provide new related software to customers. They are developing proprietary technology to reduce hospital costs and improve its profitability with medical materials and devices. In addition, Verzo is evaluating international expansion with foreign partners.

We have the vision to become the biggest SaaS company for healthcare providers in the world. Our mission is to make healthcare more affordable and efficient

“We have the vision to become the biggest SaaS company for healthcare providers in the world. Our mission is to make healthcare more affordable and efficient,” says Oliveira. “We’re looking for the right partner that will match our principles and ambition for this journey.”
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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Filipe Oliveira, Founder and CEO, Verzo

By leveraging modern technologies such as data science and interoperability, Verzo is changing the game by offering state-of-the-art products—OptimizeMed, GMat, and Gmed